How will Rahu’s transit impact Taurus natives

Rahu’s impact on the Taurus sign will bring in a lot of changes in the lives of the Taurus natives. Rahu is such a planet that its impact is largely influenced by it’s placement or the planet with which it is placed. Rahu’s entry in the Taurus sign represents its entry into Venus’s area of influence. This combination of Rahu and Venus can lead to an increase in anger, aggression and also desire towards something.

Time for Rahu’s entry into Taurus

On September 23, Rahu will leave the Gemini sign and will enter Taurus sign around 12:52.

Impact of Rahu’s zodiac transit on Taurus

Rahu’s zodiac transit’s impact will affect all the signs a bit but it will be primarily focused on Taurus natives. You will see the maximum changes in this period. Rahu's transit will affect your body. It will make you hardworking. You will carry out all your projects cleverly and tactfully. You should however avoid making hasty decisions on important matters.

Your body will be in strong form and your personality will be attractive. Intellectually, you will strive to do things the way you want. Rahu's transit is considered favorable for Taurus natives, this is because Rahu and Taurus are considered friendly. Rahu will bring in auspiciousness but that will not be the only thing, Rahu’s dual nature will lead to mental confusion among Taurean natives. There will be a lot of planning but you may not be stable about your decisions. The lack of clarity in behavior can also be seen. You will exhibit hidden characteristics. Others may not be able to form a firm opinion about you.

Your intellect will become very sharp in this period. It is time to start some new things. New opportunities can emerge for you at this time. Also, your attention to detail is going to be more. Rahu will bring changes not only in your life but also those associated with you. This is because you will be very influential in this period so it is only natural that things around you will be influenced.

Family Life

Rahu has been called a cruel and shadow planet in Vedic astrology. Due to its vindictive nature, it has been considered to be fiery. So, when it is placed in Taurus, it only gets stronger. Rahu confuses a person's mind and intellect. Rahu affects a person’s life seriously. Rahu leads to sudden changes, and on the positive side, unexpected fruits are derived.

This time brings changes, there will be differences between the members of the family. You will not be able to agree with others. It will be important for you to keep everyone together. This will ensure that your family members respect you. Issues can be resolved only through reconciliation. You will be concerned about your mother. You should be vigilant and keep an eye on your children’s activities. Your religious side will come to the fore. There is also a possibility of religious trips, bathing in the Ganges and visiting other holy rivers.

There will be some auspicious events at home in which your role can be important. Disputes may arise at home which can cause you to stress so ensure you maintain your immunity. You will be more emotional than usual in this period. This emotional state of mind may cause you to do certain things that may concern others or cause discomfort to others.

Love affairs

Rahu will have a deep impact on your love affairs. You may break away from your old relationships, and be inclined towards starting a fresh relationship. You are likely to find your lover through the internet in this period. In love, you may get in touch with someone who will be far away from you. You will have a dual advantage in your love life. Not only will you be loved by your partner but you will also be able to execute your relationship. Your relationships can cause you confusion. You will not be able to decide on any one thing.

Job and Business

You will be very busy in terms of work. This period will bring you new opportunities especially for those who are involved in trading. Rahu’s influence will help you benefit from technology and foreign connectivity. New avenues will open up for those who wish to join the fashion and art industry.

The pricing of certain stocks may rise suddenly on the share market, but you need to be wary of excessive investments, only then you will be able to earn good profits. You will come up with new ideas in business.


Rahu will impact your health. You may be affected by water related infections. Migraine and memory may also be affected. Mental stress may increase.

Rahu’s job is to give the native a zeal to do new things with renewed energy but this may also lead to getting cheated upon. Hidden enemies may come to the fore and impact you. It is Rahu’s job to show you dreams. It also does not conform to traditions and makes the native do something unique and different.


All the points above depend on Rahu’s position in the Kundali of the native, it is strong, malefic, in the center etc.