Find out what Amrit Siddha Yoga and its auspicious results

Whenever we take up any task we naturally expect the output to be positive. We always desire success in all the activities we pursue. We want to make sure that there are no problems and minimum obstacles or better still there are no obstacles at all. Astrology has the most appropriate solution to fulfill our wish which is known as Muhurat.

In order to ensure work is carried out smoothly one must choose the right Muhurat. This requires a good deal of astrological knowledge. On several occasions we may have to take up a task suddenly and may need to identify a Muhurat immediately. However, as we are incapable of understanding the science of Muhurat it is difficult to find out immediately. In this case the Amrut Muhurat can be selected safely.

This easy-convenient Amrit Siddha Yoga performs its duty true to its name. When a person performs a task during this Yoga the person will receive results equivalent to the mythological Amrit potion. If you have to go for an assignment or start a project suddenly then picking this Yoga for your task will prove to be a big stepping stone for success in your task. This Yoga improves the chances of your success at task substantially.

Amrit Siddhi Yoga dates to be formed in 2023 this year are as follows

Amrit Yoga Dates 2023

Amrit Yoga Dates 2023

Start Period expires
Date time (h.min) Date time (h.min)
January 18 sunrise January 11 17:23
January 27 sunrise January 27 18:37
March 27 15:27 28 March Sunrise
March 30 22:59 31 March sunrise
March 23 06:22 March 23 18:53
April 22 23:24 April 23 sunrise
April 24 sunrise April 25 02:07
April 27 07:00 April 28 sunrise
May 20 08:03 May 21 sunrise
May 22 sunrise May 22 10:37
May 25 sunrise May 25 17:54
June 13 13:33 June 14 sunrise
June 17 sunrise June 17 16:25
July 23 19:47 July 24 sunrise
August 20 sunrise August 21 04:22
September 17 sunrise September 17 06:05
September 20 14:59 September 21 sunrise
September 29 23:18 September 30 sunrise
October 18 sunrise October 18 21:01
October 27 09:25 October 28 sunrise
November 24 sunrise November 20 16:01
25 December 21:39 26 December 24:36
28 December 25:05 29 December sunrise