Guru Pushya Yoga and Ravi Pushya Yoga 2019

Guru pushya yoga and ravi pushya yoga are considered as an important and special yogas. These yogas have been given special importance in astrology. The possibility of success and auspiciousness increases in the works done during this yoga. Along with this the person also gets positive results. This nakshatra is formed when pushya and jupiter comes together. When pushya nakshatra falls on thursday, then this coincidence is called as guru pushya yoga. Similarly, if pushya nakshatra falls on sunday, then this coincidence is called as ravi pushya yoga. The possibility of achieving success in the works done during this yoga increases.

Pushya nakshatra is considered as the best nakshatra. At the same time, it is also given the title of king of all nakshatras. The works started in this nakshatra gives best results. Pushya nakshatra is stable, therefore there is a sense of stability in the works done during this time. So, for this reason, if you want to start a work, in which you don’t want frequent changes and desires stability, then it will be better to do during this nakshatra.

Along with this, jupiter is given as the position of a minister and teacher in all the planets. Also, the vision of jupiter is considered as sacred as gangajal. Anybody can acquire purity and auspiciousness, by getting the support of jupiter. Whereas, sun is given the position of a king. In such a situation, this combination is considered as beneficial and helps in achieving the desired results.

Works that can be done during these yogas

These yogas are considered suitable for starting a new work. So, if you planning to travel or gain knowledge, then this time is considered favorable. These yogas are also considered suitable for performing religious works. At the same time, they also help in achieving success in political activities and also increases the possibility of leadership.

Guru pushya yoga is considered a great yoga, but apart from this, it is very important to consider other things also. Before adopting this yoga, it is important to consider chandrabal. Moon should not be weak. Along with this, we should also consider the position of jupiter, venus and shradh timings, so as to get the maximum benefits of these yogas.

Ravi Pushya Yoga and Guru Pushya Yoga Dates 2019

Guru Pushya Yoga 2019

Begins at Ends at
Date Time (Hrs:mins) Date Time (Hrs:mins)
6 June 20:29 7 June Sunrise
4 July Sunrise 4 July 26:30
1 August Sunrise 1 August 12:12

Ravi Pushya Yoga 2019

Begins at Ends at
Date Time (Hrs:mins) Date Time (Hrs:mins)
21 January 05:22 21 January Sunrise
17 February 16:46 18 February Sunrise
17 March Sunrise 17 March 24:11
14 April Sunrise 14 April 07:40
17 November 22:59 18 November Sunrise
15 December Sunrise 16 December 04:01