Result of Jupiter’s Transit in Taurus Sign - Jupiter Transit 2012 - Transit of Jupiter in May 2012

On the 17 of May, 2012 at 9.34 a.m, Jupiter in transit will enter the Taurus sign and will remain in this sign till the 4th of June, 2013. In this period its movement will be retrograde between 5th October 2012 to 31st January 2013. Jupiter is believed to be the most gentle and pure planet of our solar system and it is known as a protector. Whenever a planet changes its sign during its transit, it largely affects the earthly things which can be easily felt according to the sun’s change in sign after every 30 days. The effects of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Moon are felt quickly and for a short period of time, as they belong to the category of small planets. Whereas the effect of big and slow planets like Jupiter and Saturn is gradual and long-lasting.

Characteristics of the planet Jupiter

Let us understand some characteristics of Jupiter, before we learn the effects of different signs on the natives when Jupiter changes its sign on 17th May, 2012. Jupiter is the largest and second most slow moving planet of our solar system. As a result, when it transits in a particular sign, it has a deep impact on all the signs of the solar system. Jupiter is the second planet among the three outer planets of the solar system according to the distance. This means that its significance increases since it is not far away from earth.

The solar system has its own strong gravitational field which stops all the dangerous asteroids coming towards earth in the universe or it changes the direction of these asteroids. This characteristic of Jupiter is protecting earth since several years. In other words, Jupiter not only protects the human being but also protects other living organisms on the planet from the natural calamities.

Jupiter is considered a protector and a gentle planet in Vedic astrology. Along with this, it is also considered the teacher of all the gods. Therefore, it is also the natural Karaka of wisdom. This wisdom is beneficial for everything. Its human form is depicted as Brahmin which is fat and has a big protruding belly. He is kind, never gets angry easily and always thinks about helping others.

Jupiter is also considered the Karaka of property and wealth apart from being the Karaka of wisdom and these two Karakas are the pillars of human life. Therefore because of these characteristics, it governs the Karakatavas of five main houses in a Kundali. In this modern time, a person is known by these two virtues. If these two virtues are present in an individual, then he is able to make his own identity. A person’s life is filled with happiness, joy and one enjoys living life. Only Jupiter can provide these two virtues together. That is why, its importance cannot be neglected.

Apart from this, Jupiter can stop the negative energy in human body like it stops asteroids coming from universe from its gravitational force. Due to its effects, it makes a person free from the results of his bad Karmas done in various births. That is why, Jupiter is considered the most auspicious, gentle and benefic planet in the solar system and the houses which are aspected by Jupiter automatically get its protection.

Moorti Nirnay for Jupiter for the year 2012

Sometimes, Jupiter becomes weak despite of having all these qualities and the native gets unfavourable results according to his own actions. Here, one should note that the anger of a bad person is not good and the anger of a sage is more inauspicious because the protector becomes helpless in these situations. These small problems may result in big problems. Therefore, it is very important to understand this aspect of Jupiter before understanding its predictions.

One gets unfavourable results when Jupiter becomes malefic. It evokes fear and sorrow for the native. There is a loss of wealth and honor which cannot be compensated easily. In the modern time, one should keep his heart clean for the spiritual upliftment.

Jupiter is the only planet which encourages the native to work in this direction and also brings success for him. Normally, Jupiter gives good results in 2,5,7,9 and 11th house. But, the Moorti Nirnay should also be considered before making a prediction.

Calculation of Moorti Nirnay

Moon in transit will be in Pisces sign at the time when Jupiter will transit in Taurus sign. Therefore,

  • Moon in transit in 1,6, 11th house from the birth Moon - Swarn Moorti - Taurus, Libra, Pisces
  • Moon in transit in 2, 5, 9th house from the birth Moon -  Rajat Moorti - Cancer, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Moon in transit in 3, 7, 10th house from the birth Moon - Tamra Moorti - Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn
  • Moon in transit in 4, 8, 12th house from the birth Moon - Loh Moorti - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Normally, Jupiter transits in a sign for a period of one year which is much greater than the transit of Sun, Mercury and Venus. The transit of Jupiter in a sign for such a long period creates an effective and long-lasting effect because of which the transit of Jupiter is extremely important for the natives. Our good wishes are with you, so that the transit of Jupiter brings a new happy episode in your life and the natives are able to enjoy the auspicious results of this transit for a long time.

The natives of the signs for which the transit of Jupiter is not auspicious are advised to spend this time as a period of test for them. They are requested to pass this period with great determination and self-confidence. The devotion towards god and dedication towards your duties will please and pacify lord Jupiter. He will not be able to ignore this and will bless the natives by his blessings.

Effect of Jupiter on various signs

Let us now study the effects of Jupiter’s transit on various signs.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Aries Sign

Aries sign is the first sign of the zodiac. Its lord Mars is natural friend of Jupiter. Generally, this transit of Aries sign gives auspicious results but in spite of that the natives of Aries sign may have to work a lot to get financial gains. This placement of lord of the house of fortune will bring the native to such a condition where he will not be able to enjoy his own achievements.

For financial gains, this condition will be most favourable till 14th June. Native will receive marital bliss and family happiness. Good chances will come up in the workplace if one works with calmness, enthusiasm and determination.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Taurus Sign

Due to Jupiter’s transit in Taurus sign, the native may travel abroad, face financial loss, enmity, get scared, get defamed, be fearful of state, face mental trouble, face disputes at workplace etc. Although health will be fine, but he will be surrounded with worries which harm the mind’s satisfaction. Even after several efforts in business, when the desired result is not gained the person will feel depressed.  One has to face a new obstacle everyday on the road to progress. In the field of education, results will be gained according to the efforts that have been put in.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Gemini Sign

There will be excessive expenditure in auspicious activities which is troublesome, unnecessary worries, fear and mental excitement, conflicts in the family, doubt in credibility or one may have to take many rounds of the hospital. Confidence will decrease due to mental turbulence but enemies will be defeated. Such a native should avoid taking debts. Tasks which have been stagnant for a long time, will be ultimately completed.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Cancer Sign

There will be an increase in happiness related to bearing a child, social status, weakness of enemies, improvement of personality and progress in area of influence. Distant relations will be very helpful and will help in completing tasks. Generally, health will be good and there will be progress at work. Luck will be favourable and new prospects will open. Close relatives will provide unpredictable support.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Leo Sign

Natives of the Leo sign may have to face financial troubles, unhappiness related to children, unnecessary travel, conflicts with close relatives. The energy to work will increase. Source of income will become consistent, if native is enthusiastic and patient. Be careful of your anger and tone during this time, else you will face troubles due to them.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Virgo Sign

This sign brings growth in all kinds of luck, rise of fortune, success in all tasks, acquisition of immense riches and good clothes, unparallel divinity in thoughts, possibility of receiving happiness from child. Diplomatic benefits, honour-respect may increase. Although the possibilities of promotion are strong, but changes at workplace may cause some troubles. This may incite mental turbulence and obstacles in work for some time.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Libra Sign

Trouble and loss of wealth in unnecessary journeys and financial losses, bad physical health, increase in anger, unneeded rudeness in tone, demotion, obstacles at workplace, lack of results even after numerous efforts. There will be more expenses than the income and ill effects may also be faced in social status. This time you may also be trapped in legal disputes.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Scorpio Sign

Auspicious journeys may be made due to the effect of Jupiter’s transit. The reason of happiness from spouse and child, help from government and good thoughts in mind might be the transit of Jupiter. Promotion at work, fame, honour-respect and harmonious relations with good friends will be maintained. Native will be able to turn all stagnant tasks to his favour by using his wit. The dedication towards work and cooperation towards family will be clearly visible in these natives.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Sagittarius Sign

Harm from close relatives and enemies, fear of illness, mourning, theft and rule. One may have to undergo demotion, reduction in rights and loss of respect. Such natives might have to go on unwanted travels, once in a blue moon. Although these natives will be able to maintain their social and financial state with their determination and exceptional efforts.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Capricorn Sign

Obtainment of favourable time for childbirth or bearing of a child, happiness from child, cooperation from government, promotion or acquisition of a post, all kinds of happiness, progress, success in tasks, harmony with family members. The wishes of acquiring material pleasures and the ability to carry responsibility towards family of these natives will be fulfilled. Although some natives will be restless, due to low results even after putting in many efforts.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Aquarius Sign

Disputes among siblings over land or property, fear of accidents through vehicles, ineffective behaviour towards riches, neutral personality, increase in number of enemies, travel to a foreign country etc may occur. Although happiness along with support will be offered by spouse and children.

Effects of Jupiter in transit on Pisces Sign

Separation from loved ones, unwanted hurdles in tasks, illness, problems at workplace, increase in unnecessary expenses. Although there will be progress in mental ability which will help the native in attaining success in all tasks.


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