How does ‘Yamghantak Yoga’ appear ?

‘Yamghantak Yoga’ is one of the most unauspicious yoga in the hindu mythology.This is one of those yoga that act as a hurdle in good works of yours. In this yoga, the possibility of failure increases in the auspicious work done by the person. This yoga is considered as one of the most unauspicious yoga in the astrology.

In this yoga, there has been talk of not doing auspicious and demanding works. There are some rules for determining the formation of sacrifice for performing Mangal works, where the conditions of their occurrence are stated. Therefore, in order to do auspicious things, these ominous things should be discarded. This yoga is considered for travel, auspicious time for children and also during the birth of a child.

If there is a wicked yoga called Yammghantak in the days of Vasishtha Sage, then there can be a deadly misery, but at the same time, its effects are not considered so inauspicious during night.

When does Yamghantak Yog happen

  • On Sunday, when a combination of the Maghanakshatra is formed then the Yamghantak yoga is formed which is not good.
  • On Monday, the day of Vishakha nakshatra, Yoghantaka yoga is created with this yoga.
  • On Tuesday, the combination of the Ardha nakshatra arises when the condition of yamghantak yog appears.
  • On Wednesday, when their is ‘mool nakshatra’, this yoga is believed to be formed.
  • On Thursday, if the Kratika nakshatra is matched, the ‘yanghantak yog’ appears.
  • If there is a rise of the Rohini Nakshatra on Friday, then it is also a condition of a ‘Yamghantak Yoga’.
  • If the situation of the nakshatra is made on Saturday, then this condition also makes this Yoga.
  • A good time is required to do any work. Every good work is done on the basis of the base date, nakshatra, moon position, yogini dasha and planet status. One Should avoid Bhadrakala at the beginning of the auspicious work. Variable, stable time should be kept in mind. If the said work is done at that time,when the time has been set for the work, then according to Muhurt, the work achieves success.

    The summary of life is hidden in ‘Yoga”, which the person can learn to know about past, future and present.There are many ‘Yogas’ in astrology, some are auspicious yoga and some are inauspicious yoga, which yogas will yield what benefit, this thing can be understood only when we understand its rules.