Monthly Shivratri Fast 2017 - Monthly Shivratri Dates 2017 - Mass Shivratri 2017

Shivaratri fast is kept every month on the day of chaturdashi in Krishna Paksha. On this day Lord Shiva is worshipped and a fast is kept in devotion of the lord. A person should not consume food on the day of shivaratri. At night, clean clothes should be worn, a person should sit in a clean place and worship Lord Shiva. Chanting his mantras is very fruitful. The Rig vedas describes the importance of the devotion towards Lord Shiva. As per ancient scriptures, Shivaratri fast is observed every month on the day of chaturdashi in Krishna Paksha. It is believed that the lord of chaturdashi tithi (date) is Lord Shiva himself and jyotirlinga was also established on the same date. On the day of Shiv Chaturdashi Lord Shiva is worshipped along with his entire family. The prayer begins with the anointing of Lord Shiva with water, milk, curd, ghee, honey, loaf sugar or sugar, gangajal, sugarcane juice, etc. After that, Belpatra, samipatra, Kusha and Doob is offered to Lord Shiva to please him. In the end, cannabis, Dhatura, and Shriphal is offered to the lord in the form of Bhoga. The puja materials include Panchamrit, scented flowers, clean clothes, Bel leaves, incense sticks, lamps, Navedya, sandalwood paste, seasonal fruit, etc. In this fast worshipping is done the whole day, special virtues are derived from the spells done during the whole day. By doing Rudrabhishek Lord Shiva is very much pleased. On the basis of ancient beliefs, Lord Shiva is worshipped on chaturdashi tithi and people observed fasts to please the lord. Fasting, worshipping lord Shiva, reading Shiva Stotra, story and performing jagran at night by chanting the mantra “Om Namaha Shivaya” , give fruits similar to Ashwamedha Yagna. On the next day of the fast, Brahmans are provided with food, clothes, donations, etc.

Mass Shivaratri Fast Tithi 2017

Date Day Hindu Month
26 January Thursday Magh Month
24 February - Maha Shivaratri Friday Phalgun Month
26 March Sunday Chaitra Month
24 April Monday Vaishakh Month
24 May Wednesday Jyeshta Month
22 June Thursday Ashaad Month
21 July Friday Shraavan Month (Saavan Maas)
20 August Sunday Bhadrapada Month
18 September Monday Ashwin Month
18 October Wednesday Kartik Month
16 November Thursday Margashirsha Month
16 December Saturday Paush Month
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