Effect of Saturn’s transit on Sagittarius 2017

Saturn will enter Sagittarius on 26 January 2017. During this time Sadhesati will start for natives of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn and Dhaiyya will start for the natives of Taurus and Virgo.  Meanwhile the transit Saturn will retrograde and this will have the effects of Sadhe Saati on Libra, Scorpio and  Sagittarius.

Effect of Saturn on Various signs

Effect on Aries:

With Saturn in the ninth house natives of Aries will have relief from Dhaiyya but will will have laziness. Some tasks will be delayed due to sudden obstacles. Travelling will be on the cards. There will be a lot of expenses so think twice before you spend. There might be a confrontation with friends and family.

Effect on Taurus

With Saturn in the eight house Dhaiyya will affect the natives of this sign. You might face sudden obstacles at work or have failures. Mentally you might be too deep into thoughts. With less income there will be hurdles in having the basic necessities.

Effect on Gemini

There might be issues at work, work related to partnership will pose a problem. There will no common opinion on certain topics.  Take care on works that require partnership.  There will be a sudden change in business. Economic status will remain stable. Marriage and functions are likely to happen at your home.

Effects on Cancer

With Saturn being in the Sixth house debt might increase. You might have to deal with legal issues. Health issues will be there. Opponents will try to harm you but your courage will defeat them. Think twice before taking any loans during this time. Work carefully else you might face loss. You might have mixed result at workplace. You might recive guidelines from higher officials. There is a possibility of change in place.

Effects on Leo

Saturn will enter the fifth house. There might be obstacles in the field of education. Students will have to make extra efforts in this duration. You might achieve higher positions. Matters related to kids will be your prime concern. You will have a nice time with friends and will meet old friends too.

Effects on Virgo

With Saturn in fourth house  Dhaiyya will have its effect. There will be stress and health will deteriorate. Fetching profits might be troublesome. There might be certain issues in personal life. There might be an increased interest in spirituality. There might be a change in place of residence.  There will be a sudden increased profit.

Effects on Libra

With Saturn in the third house, it will try to reduce your efforts. With the Copper paya you will have a lot of benefits with some extra efforts. There is a possibility of marriage.  Results related to younger brother and sisters might come up. Staying away from confrontations will be good for you. Travelling will be on the cards. You will stay worried and there will be an increase in expenses.

Effects on Scorpio

With Saturn transiting to the second house there might be some economical crisis because of the silver paya.  There might be some issues related to personal life. With a lot of struggle you will be able to achieve a sustainable source of income. The will be more expenses than the income. There might be a sudden addition to the family.

Effects on Sagittarius

With Saturn in the first house, there will be mental pressure due to Sadhe Saati. There might be a sudden decline in progressive work. Avoid conflict with younger siblings and friends. Work will be stalled due to laziness. Only your efforts will give you success.

Effects on Capricon

With saturn being in the twelfth house, there might be hindrances in progressive work so think before you work. There will be a rise in your expenses and you might face monetary crisis. There might be health issues. You need to concentrate on your health, you might have to deal with joint pains. Travelling to distant places is possible.

Effects on Aquarius

Saturn will transit to the eleventh house. You will receive monetary benefits when you make efforts. There might be delay in results related to fate but results are certain. You might also get new things and roads to success will open for you.

Effects on Pisces

For natives of Pisces, Saturn will transit to the tenth house. Income will be normal. There might be a clash of opinions with close friends. Those working will face challenges. Your prime focus will be issues related to home and workplace. You might also have to travel due to some new work.

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