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Naga Karana : Life Analysis | | 11 Karana | When is Naga Karana

People of Naga Karana get income in the area of water and sea. They are hard working and the fruits of their efforts come to them in the form of income. Leaving things on luck may result in downfall. Lack of fortune can

Vanija Karana - 11 Karana | Vanija Karana - Bussiness

A date is formed 12 degree away from Sun. And, a Karana is formed 6 degree away from Sun. Hence, there are 2 Karana in one Tithi. Karana is a part of Panchang in astrology . It is used in Muhurat works.  Vanija

Chatushpada Karana - 11 Karana | When is Chatushpada Karana

People born in Chatushpada Karana are full of religious faith. They have special interest in religious works. They respect deities and teachers. They try taking profit from the experience of their elders. Person of this

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