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Kinstughan Karana- 11 Karana | When is Kinstughan Karana

A person born in Kinstughan Karana is ready to do auspicious works. He is successful in achieving his goals of life through his hard work. Moreover, all efforts done by this person prove to be successful. He needs to

Gar Karana | 11 Karana | Gar Karana - Career of a Person

Gar Karana comes in the category of Char Karana. Hindu Panchang has 5 parts : date, day, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. There are only 11 Karana. The 1st seven Karana keep repeating whereas, the left over four Karana

Chatushpada Karana - 11 Karana | When is Chatushpada Karana

People born in Chatushpada Karana are full of religious faith. They have special interest in religious works. They respect deities and teachers. They try taking profit from the experience of their elders. Person of this

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