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Pratipada Tithi | Pratipada Meaning | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | How is Tithi Calculated

First date of Moon month is called as Pratipada. One moon month is formed by 30 dates. Each month has 2 Paksha, one is Shukla and the other is Krishna Paksha. Both Paksha have 14 dates. In a month, Pratipada comes 2

Dwitiya Tithi | Hindu Tithi | Dwitiya Meaning | Tithi Vaar Yoga

Dwitiya Tithi is known with different names. It is called as Dooj or Duj. Owner of this date is lord Brahma. Person born on this date should worship god Brahma. Other name of this date is called Sumangla. If this date

Navami Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | What is Tithi in Hindu Calender | Tithi Vaar Yoga

Navami Tithi is the Ninth Tithi of a month .This  date comes in both sides of a Lunar Month.The Lord of this date is Devi Ma Durga. As well as the date is one of Rikta dates.According to the name given to this

Dashmi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | Dashmi Tithi Vaar Yoga | Chandra Tithi

When Sun is 12 degree ahead , then a tithi forms. Moreover, when the distance between the Sun and the Moon is between 109 degree to 120 degree, then according to the Lunar Month Dashmi Tithi takes place in Shukla Paksha

Gar Karana - 11 Karana | Gar Karana - Career of a Person

Gar Karana comes in the category of Char Karana. Hindu Panchang has 5 parts : date, day, Nakshatra , Yoga and Karana. There are only 11 Karana. The 1st seven Karana keep repeating whereas, the left over four Karana

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