Effects of Saturn’s Transition in Libra Over India

Our old Seers and scholars, on the basis of their immense knowledge, have developed natal chart for almost each and every country. National Astrology which is technically termed as Mundane Astrology has a very important role in understanding the effects of planets on the nation and on the affairs of nation. Mundane  Astrology has made it easy to predict the general events in different countries like wars, plagues, revolutions and incidents that directly affect a State or Nation or the head of the nation. 

So many countries in this world could have been prevented had only the different statesman at the helms of the various governments heeded to the warnings repeatedly given by competent Astrologers regarding the occurrence of unhappy terrestrial events. 

Saturn stays in one zodiac sign for almost two and half years. At present, Saturn will be shifting from Virgo to Libra on 15th November, 2011. 

In Mundane Astrology, Ascendant or Lagna of a country will be the particular sign that rules over it. The Lagna of India as per Varah Mihira mentioned in Brihat Samhita is Virgo.

The Twelve houses from the Ascendant in a national horoscope represent the following :

First house represents general affairs of a Nation, public health and the conditions of the cabinet. 

Second house represents State revenue, aristocracies in the state,  wealth of the people, national import and commercial transactions, allies and revenue.

Third house represents telecommunications, railways, aeroplanes, journals, newspapers and the dispositions of neighbouring nations. 

Fourth house represents schools, colleges and other educational institutions, pupils, landed estates, general happiness, trade and agriculture. 

Fifth house represents mentality of the rulers, children in the state, new births, crime and places of amusements.

Sixth house represents State loans and debts, diseases of the people and the rulers, territorial attacks, naval and other forces.

Seventh house represents health of the women, immortality in the country, rate of infant mortality, war and foreign relations.

Eighth house represents death rate of the Nation and National treasury.

Ninth house represents temples, mosques, churches, religious places, atheism, judicial courts, law and righteousness.

Tenth house represents the ruler of the nation, parliament, foreign trade, exports, exploitation, revolutions and lawlessness.

Eleventh house represents gains from the other nations, gains in trade and international relationships. 

Twelfth house represents secret crime, plots, hospitals, other institutions, war and losses of the nation. 

Effects of Saturn in Virgo over India

Saturn transiting in the Ascendant since last two and a half years and being an evil planet has badly affected the cabinet of the nation. Various scams trapped the ministers of the cabinet. The third aspect of the Saturn on the house of telecommunications and media created the grand issue of 2G scam related to telecommunications. 

The Seventh aspect of the Saturn is on the seventh house of the natal chart of India which made the foreign relations a prime issue during this time.

Tenth aspect of the Saturn on the Tenth house afflicted the head of the nation, the cabinet and therefore, the parliamentary affairs were also the highlights of these 2 ½ years. Even we can observe the extreme of lawlessness during this period due to the aspect of Saturn on the 10th house. 

Saturn’s Transition in Libra

Libra is basically derived from the Latin word meaning a weighing up of matters. As per Astrology, Libra or Tula indicates the midpoint of the zodiac, effectively dividing the complete zodiac in two parts. At its best, Libra represents a symmetrical equilibrium. 

Saturn represents the wisdom that delivers cold objective judgment conceived by experience. Saturn's substance helps us to recognize and repair situations of imbalance. The reality checks of Saturn, individually and collectively guide us toward a new sense of values.

Saturn will transit Exalted in the 2nd house of the natal chart of India from 15th November 2011 till 8th November, 2014. This transit will majorly effect the revenue of the nation, aristocracies in the nation,  wealth of the people, national import, commercial transactions and allies with international corporations. Since Saturn is exalted in Libra, the effect will be more positive on these factors.

The third aspect of Saturn is on the 4th house, the house of education, trade and agriculture. These factors will be effected positively as well as negatively depending on the constellation it transits.

The 7th aspect on the eight house representing National treasury will be effected. 

The 10th aspect on the Saturn, the house of gains will give a great boom to the gain in foreign currency, gain in international relations and trade. 

Hence, overall we can predict that this movement of Saturn in the Libra zodiac sign will bring a positive impact on the political and commercial affairs of India. The country will come out of the pathetic political and commercial conditions. The Rupee value will grow tremendously and the political situation will improve and the country will again come out to a great extent from corruption and lawlessness. 


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