Red Jasper Stone | Substitute of Ruby (Manikya Upratna) - Red Jasper Gemstone

Lal Suryakantmani is also called Red Jasper. This substitute of Manikya is opaque. Out of all the substitutes of Manik, the most effective and maximum sold is the Red Jasper. This substitute is said to contain some divine powers. Pop John Paul also wear Red Jasper in his finger. This increases self confidence of an individual.

Red Jasper is a very rare substitute. It is found in different colors. It contains stripes and spots. All kinds of Jasper have the immunity to fight disease. The seven Chakras of body remain balanced on wearing this. Moreover, a person grows the ability to speak.

Who can wear Red Jasper

A person is advised to wear Lal Suryakantmani if in his Kundali, Sun is the lord of an auspicious house but is situated in an inauspicious house or is in a weak condition. Red Jasper gives strength to Sun. 

Who should not wear Red Jasper

Rad Jasper should not be worn with diamond, Blue Sapphire and their substitutes. 

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