The Rahu in Astrology । Know Your Planets- Rahu | Which Gemstone must be hold for the Rahu.

Rahu develops a person’s interest in research. The Karak things related to Rahu are as follows. Harsh voice, life abroad, travel, famine, desires, stains on the skin, skin diseases, snakes and snake venom, poison, relation with immoral woman, grandfather, grandmother, pointless arguments, arrogant speech, show-off, widowhood, pain and swelling, sinking, darkness, sorrow, low-caste, wicked woman, gambler, tricks and back-bitching. 

Some other things are being Addicted to bad habits, female patient with joy, stone, leprosy, force, expenses, self-esteem, enemies, sophistication, accident, buttocks, exile, disabled, finder, alcohol, fight, illegal, spy, suicide, toxic, Widow, Hercules, hunter and slavery.

Which gender category does Rahu come under

Rahu is a Male-dominated planet. It gives a male child to a person when in the fifth house.

Which is the direction of Rahu

Rahu belongs to the South-West direction. Works done for Rahu give best results when done in this direction.

Which is the lucky gemstone for Rahu

Onyx is the lucky gemstone for Rahu. It is also known by the name Sulemani stone. Females should wear this stone in the left hand. Males should wear it in the second or the third finger. It should be engraved in Panchdhaatu before wearing.

Which God should be worshipped for Rahu

Mahashakti and Snakes are worshipped for Rahu

What is Rahu’s Mantra

ऊँ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं स: राहूवे नम:

What is the Vedic Mantra of Rahu

अर्धकांयं महावीर्य़ चंद्रादित्य चिमर्दनम । सिंहिकाग र्भसंभूतं राहूं प्रणामाम्यहम।।

What should be donated for Rahu

Mustard, raddish, blankets, sesame, vermilion, saffron and coal should be donated on a Thursday or Monday morning. 

What are the features of Rahu affected people

A person affected by Rahu is tall, dark, short-tempered and looks like fire.

Which body organs represent Rahu

The legs and the respiratory system represent Rahu.

Rahu is the Karak of which objects

Rahu is the Karak of materialism, old-look, baldness, principles, the Nakshatra and the Lord of the sign in which it is present. Rahu is also related to foreigners, foreign nations and foreign trips.

What are the spcific properties of Rahu

Rahu provides research, abroad travel and cynicism.

How is Kalsarp Yoga formed due to Rahu

When all the planets in a Kundali are between Rahu and Ketu, Kalsarp Yoga is formed. A person born in this Yoga faces the life’s ups and downs. When Rahu-Ketu in transit come closer to the ascendant, the person is more severely affected. If Ketu is after the ascendant and the planets are lined between Ketu and Rahu, the Yoga formed is Kalamrit Yoga. In such a condition, the negative effects of this inauspicious Kalsarp Yoga are cancelled. 

This Yoga is also cancelled if Rahu is in Vishakha Nakshatra. When any planet is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu, Kalamrit Yoga is cancelled. Usually Kalsarp Yoga does not affect a person’s health, mind or life span. Its effects are usally felt in the long term. They are also felt during Dasha-Antardasha. They are also felt during Rahu-Ketu’s transit into the ascendant or the sun or the moon.

If Rahu-Ketu are in the influence of the ascendant or any auspicious planet, their negative effects are decreased. A person in Kalsarp Yoga is severely affected when Rahu and Ketu are in transit. 

What are work fields related to Rahu

The work fields related to Rahu are Risky tasks, law, scholar, herbal, anti-biotic, telephone, electronic, aeroplane service, ships, pilot, computer, electronic and information center, hard core business, center for bones, leather and fur business, magic, death center, stinking places, body builder, butcher related tasks, theft etc.