Oynx - Substitue Of Hessonite (Gomed Substitute)

Onyx is found in many colors. It is of green color, mixture of green and yellow and parrot color. These are the main colors of Oynx. It is also found in white and smoky color. It contains lines of dark and light red, brown,black, white and grey colors. It has many properties. 

Onyx Properties

Oynx makes heart, kidney, nervous-system, cells,hairs, eyes and nails much stronger. Wearing this substitute don’t let a person have any nightmare. Disease of insomnia is removed and a person gets good sleep. Bad thoughts don’t come in mind. It is considered as the gem for wit so, a person gets confidence to speak. 

Oynx’s Supernatural Properties

By wearing this sub-stone, a person does not get any bad thoughts in his mind. harmony is maintained in the married life. It finishes a person’s apathy, depression and neurological disorders. Mind is contented.  It removes the negative energy in an individual. Oynx sharpens the brain of an individual. Person wearing this substitute is inspired towards spirituality. it controls the feelings and excess of passion for a particular thing. 

Bad habits of an individual change by wearing black Oynx. It controls the habits of a person. Internal energy is enhanced by wearing this substitute. Oynx develops determination. Person work in a systematic manner. And, he gets help to concentrate in his work. 

Who should wear Oynx

a person should wear Oynx if Rahu is situated in auspicious house and he has Dasha of Rahu in the Kundali.

Who should not wear Oynx

Oynx should not be worn with yellow sapphire, ruby, pearl, emerald, moonga and its substitutes. 

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