Auspicious Works Done On Sunday (What Tasks Should Be Performed on Sunday)

One can determine the auspicious Muhurtha according to days to perform auspicious tasks. In this article we will talk about the tasks auspicious to perform on Sundays:

Auspicious Direction for Traveling on Sunday

If the person is planning to start his journey on Sunday then it will be auspicious if he plans it in East or North direction. On this day, the person can also complete his tasks related to South direction. If the person goes in these directions for his work usually then he can plan his journeys to these directions on Sunday to get favorable results.

Traveling in these directions on Sunday reduces the possibility of economic loss or physical problems to the person.

Commencement of Education on Sundays

Sunday is auspicious to commence education. The person can take admission or start his studies related to Science, Engineering, Army, Industries, Electricity, Medical or Administration. Sun is the lord of Sunday and all these streams belongs to Sun. Those who are planning to go for higher studies in these subjects if possible should take admission to these subjects on Sunday.

Generally, Sunday is an off day and considered as the public holiday. Mostly all educational institutes are closed on this day but in specific circumstances they are open.

Business tasks are also auspicious to do on Sundays

The person can also start his work projects related to business on Sundays. Some business tasks are auspicious to do on Sundays. The administrative work or a business administration work can be done on Sunday.

The person can also start the business of items used in army on Sunday. The jewelry shop or chemist is also auspicious to inaugurate on this day. Sunday is also favorable for the sale-purchase of metals such as gold, silver or copper. Sunday is also auspicious to rear cow or buffalo.

The person who is going to start a medical store he can do it on Sunday. In the absence of auspicious Muhurtha the person can choose Sunday as the day to inaugurate his shop or start a business of electrical appliances.

Besides this, the person can also choose Sunday for performing rituals or havanas to get its auspicious results.

Muhurtha to perform the tasks mentioned above should be considered only in specific circumstances when there is no auspicious Muhurtha and the person is running under a short period of time. But if possible the person should consider an auspicious Muhurtha and also perform other remedies to increase the auspiciousness of the Muhurtha.

Other tasks which are auspicious/inauspicious to do on Sundays

The person can wear new clothes and jewellry on Sundays but oiling hair or body is not auspicious on Sundays.  This day is average for shaving and hair-cutting. The person should avoid wearing new shoes on Sundays. He should also not lodge any complaint or case on Sunday.