Monday Fast - Lord Shiva Fast | Solah Somvar Vrat ( Monday Fast Story)

Fast on Monday is observed to please Lord Shiva. In Monday fast, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshipped.  All men and women can observe this fast. Observing the fast in systematic manner is beneficial. According to the scriptures, fasting period of this Vrat is between sunrise and sunset. As food is taken at night, the fast is also called as Nakta Vrata.

Starting of Monday Fast

Monday fasting is considered auspicious if started from first Monday of Shukla Paksha or Shravan month. Proedure of this fast is similar to the Vrata observed in Shravan Masa for God Bhole Nath. In this month, specially the Parthiv(terrestrial) Shiva Lingam is worshipped.

If a person is not able to start this fast from Shravan month, then he can start it on the first Monday of Shukal Paksha in the following months:- Chaitra Masa, Baishak Masa, Kartik month or the Margshirsh month( as per Hindu calendar). Out of these, Shravan Masa is considered the most auspicious time. This month is most dear to Lord Shiva. All sins of a person are destroyed, if he starts the Monday fasting from Sharavan month.

Significance of Shravan Month

There is a mythological belief about the Monday fasting. This fast was observed first by Goddess Parvati in order to get Lord Shiva as her husband. by the auspiciousness of this fast she got Lord Shiva in form of her husband. That time the Monday fast was known to be kept by girls for getting their wish fulfilled of their choice husband.

The fast is important for getting blessing of Lord Shiva and worshipping him. Mainly this fast is dedicated to family and society. The fast gives a lesson to live life with love, faith, brotherhood and socialization. The 16 Monday fasting (Solah Somwar) is considered the most favorable out of all the fast of Lord Shiva.

This fast can be observed by both men and women. This fast is kept by unmarried girls for a happy and peaceful life. The fast of 16 Mondays is kept by married girls for the longevity of their husbands, safety of child and happiness of brother. Monday fast is kept by men for getting child, wealth and prestige. 

Method of Monday Fast

The fast is started in any of the auspicious month as stated above. This fast should be kept for five years or 16 Monday with full faith and confidence. The person doing Upvas should get up early in the morning and complete his routine work. The water used for bathing should contain black Til.

After bathing, Ganga Jal should be sprinkled all over the house. Place an idol or picture of Lord Shiva in a peaceful corner of Ishan Kon (North- East direction) of the house and chant the mantra "ऊँ नम: शिवाय: - Om Namah Shivay". The resolution of this fast should be taken infront of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati with white flowers, sandalwood, rice, Panchamrit, betel nuts, fruits, holy water. While taking the resolution, the following mantra should be chanted.

‘मम क्षेमस्थैर्यविजयारोग्यैश्वर्याभिवृद्धयर्थं सोमव्रतं करिष्ये | Mum Khsemstharyavijayarogyashwaryabhirvadhyayarth Somvratam Karishye’

After taking the resolution and doing Puja, Vrat Katha should be heard. Then, the Aarti should be performed and Prasadam is to be distributed. Avoid using salt in meal.

While the Udhyapan (conclusion) of fast, white things should be donated, like rice, white clothes, sweets (Barfi) milk, curd, silver etc. This fast is also done for mental peace. After the full day fasting, person should have a vision of Lord Shiva in the Shiva temple. At the time of sunset, food materials made of milk should be used in offerings. 

Lord Bholenath should be offered the Bhog, and after worshipping with incense stick, deep, the Moon God is given the Ardhya. And, the mantra mentioned above should be chanted. After the completion of Solah Somvar Vrat, on the day of Udhyapan, Brahmans and children should be given Kheer, Puri, sweets etc and donations as per the capacity of an individual. On sunset, worshipping of Lord Shiva in Pradosh Kal is considered the most favorable.

Results of Monday Fasting

On regular observation of Monday fast, blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is always on the person. Life is full of health. And, the person gets rid of all the sins.

Astrological Significance of Monday Fasting

Monday Vrat should be observed by those people who have moon in weak position in their Kundali, or moon is not able to give favorable results. For the best results of moon, the fast of Monday should be observed. Also, to remove pessimism and increase mental happiness, this fast is observed. Lord of lunar eclipse is God Shiva. Because he holds the moon on his head.

Out of all the planets, moon is the closest to earth, Hence, it effects our life and mind. So, the people whose birth sign, birth Nakshatra is of moon, they must observe the fast of Monday. This Vrat is also observed for health of mother and maternal happiness.

Monday Vrat Story 

Once upon a time Lord Shiva went to the famous city of Amravati with Goddess Parvati. There, they saw a beautiful Shiva temple and decided to stay in it. 

One day Parvati asked God Shiva to play a game of dice. By the time, a priest had come in the temple. Parvati asked him to foretell the winner of game. The Brahman without paying much attention at ones answered Lord Shiva’s name. By chance Parvati won the game. She got angry on the lie of Brahman.And, cursed the Brahman with leprosy.

The Brahman became a leper. After few days some fairies descended on the earth. And, asking the Brahman for the reason of his condition. Priest narrated the whole incident. Then, a fairy said, him to observe Monday fasts for sixteen weeks continuously (Solah Somvar). The priest followed the word of fairy. Soon, he regained his normal health.

Once again, Lord Shiva and Parvati came to that temple. Goddess Parvati was surprised by looking at the Brahman. She asked the secret behind his normal condition. Parvati was happy, she also decided to observe this fast for his son Karthik. On the 17th Monday, her son Karthik,, who was ones unhappy with her, came back.

Karthik got surprised and asked the mystery of his changed nature. Parvati explained him the magic of observing the fast of Solah Somvar. Kartikeya’s also decided to observe the fast.And, his wish got fulfilled. Then his Brahman friend enquired about this fast and observed it.The Brahman observed the fast of 16 Mondays and went to a foreign country where a king had organised a Swayamvar (practice of choosing a life partner, from among a list of suitors, by a girl of marriageable age) 

As per the ruler of city decided to marry her daughter to the person on whom the female elephant would put the garland.By the grace of Lord Shiva, the female elephant had put the garland in Brahmans neck. The king married his daughter to him. 

Bride asked the Brahman about this miracle. He explained her the greatness of Monday fasting for continuously 16 weeks. She decided to observe the fast. Her dedication became fruitful. She gave birth to son, who later became the ruler of the kingdom by observing this fast.

Aarti of Lord Shiva 

Jaye Shiv Omkara, Bhaj Shiv Omkara
Brahma, Vishnu, Sadashiv Ardhangii Dhara|| Om Har Har Har Mahadev||
Ekannan, Chaturanna, Panchanna Raje
Hansannan, Garudasan, Vrishwahan Saje||Om Har Har...
Do Bujh Char Chaturbujh, Dasbujh te Sohe
Teeno Rup Nirakhta, Tribhuvan Jan Mohe|| Om Har …
Ashmala, Vanmala, Rundmala Dhari|
Tripurari, Kansari, Karmala Dhari|| Om Har...
Shewtambar, Pitambare, Baghamber angaye
Sankadik, Garudadik, Bhukadik Sangaye||Om Har Har..
Kar ke Madhya Kamandalu, Chakr Trishuldhari
Sukhkari, Dukhari, Jaag Palankari|| Om Har Har...
Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv Janat Aviveka
Parvakshar Mai Shobit Ye Teeno Eka||Om Har Har...
Trigun Sawami Ji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Nar Gave
Kahat Shivanand Sawami, Manwanchit Fal Pave|| Om Har Har..

Aarti of Lord Shiva in Hindi 

जय शिव ओंकारा, भज शिव ओंकारा।
ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, सदाशिव अद्र्धागी धारा॥ ॐ हर हर हर महादेव॥
एकानन, चतुरानन, पंचानन राजै।
हंसासन, गरुडासन, वृषवाहन साजै॥ ॐ हर हर ..
दो भुज चारु चतुर्भुज, दशभुज ते सोहे।
तीनों रूप निरखता, त्रिभुवन-जन मोहे॥ ॐ हर हर ..
अक्षमाला, वनमाला, रुण्डमाला धारी।
त्रिपुरारी, कंसारी, करमाला धारी॥ ॐ हर हर ..
श्वेताम्बर, पीताम्बर, बाघाम्बर अंगे।
सनकादिक, गरुडादिक, भूतादिक संगे॥ ॐ हर हर ..
कर मध्ये सुकमण्डलु, चक्र शूलधारी।
सुखकारी, दुखहारी, जग पालनकारी॥ ॐ हर हर ..
ब्रह्माविष्णु सदाशिव जानत अविवेका।
प्रणवाक्षर में शोभित ये तीनों एका। ॐ हर हर ..
त्रिगुणस्वामिकी आरती जो कोई नर गावै।
कहत शिवानन्द स्वामी मनवान्छित फल पावै॥ ॐ हर हर ..

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