Chaughadia Muhurat (How to Use Chogadia) - Importance of Chaughadia Muhurat

Chaughadiya Muhurat is specially used in Ahmadabad of Gujarat. This Muhurat is used for the works related to dealing. Business man who deal with different items daily, they make use of the favorable time and increase their profits. Under this, time is divide into disease, variables,profits, auspicious, Kal etc. 

Other than Gujarat, Chaughadia Muhurat is used in western states of India. It has a special significance in business works. It is also used for the beginning on Puja or journey. Chaughadia Muhurat is based on sunrise, so every city has different timings. Come let us known its details

What is Choghadia

In Chaughadia, the 24 hours are divided into 16 Ghatiya. One Ghati is of approximately 22 minutes and 20 seconds. 4 Ghatiya are counted in one Muhurat and hence, it is called Chaughadia. This way 8 Muhurats occur in day and 8 in night. Each Muhurat is of about 1 hour 30 minutes. It is the easiest way to calculate a Muhurat. Adding all the day and night Muhurat, there are a total of 112 Muhurat in a week.

Like on Tuesday

Muhurat are in the following order -Rog, Udveg, Char, Labh, Amrit, Kaal and Subh. It is of 7 types. 

Use of Chaughadia

This Muhurat is used to known the auspicious time of Puja in day and night. To start the journey for an important motive, Chaughadia Muhurat is used. Chaughadia muhurat is also used while celebrating family functions and festival. It is now included in the category of important Muhurats. People dealing in share market use this Muhurat and gain profits. Keeping in mind the motive of work, this Muhurat is being used. Like, if a person needs to go on a journey then he should use the Char time. If the trip is related to business or profit then he should travel in the Labh time. 

Chaughadia Muhurat is used for other works as well. Like a person should leave in the Labh time for any business meeting

Auspicious and Malefic Muhurat in Chaughadia

In the Chaughadia Muhurat, Amrit, Labh, Subh and Char time are considered auspicious. Whereas, Rog and Kaal are considered inauspicious. 

Performing Puja and function in Amrit time is considered to give most auspicious time. Dealings should be done in the  Labh time, purchasing of locomotives should be done in Char or Subh Muhurat. Similarly, starting a journey in Rog Muhurat is considered inauspicious as its name. 

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