Malachite Gemstone | Malachite - Metaphysical Properties | Malachite - Healing Ability

This gemstone is also known as Dahana Farhan. This gemstone is mainly found in green colour. On cutting the gemstone from the middle it is round in shape similar to the shell. This gemstone is found in small parts of crystals.The crystals are rarely found in larger sizes. It is silky and infinite.The light and dark streaks of green colour appears in the gemstone. These streaks makes it a unique identifiable gemstone.It appears like a silk when it is given a bright finishing.It is a very sensitive gemstone and should be kept away from heat, acid , hot water etc.It is a popular gem, and is famous for its green colour. In Greek word this gemstone is known as “Mallow”..

Metaphysical Properties Of Malachite

This gemstone is helpful in opening the blockages of all systems and controls the energy of all systems in the body. It increases the spirituality and logical power of an individual.It helps to get true love and maintain the stability in it. It encourages the holder to think about his own wellness.It is indicative of good fortune and sacrifice. It provides prosperity, to the holder and also protects the foetus inside the womb of a pregnant lady. It protects small children and also from the evil. It provides security to the holder while travelling.It also provides the holder with the security of emotions.It is beneficial for those , who tries to harm themselves.

When an individual goes through a special problems, then it is very useful  for the holder. Malachite crystals maintains the stability of the holder’s mind and the person can easily find out the problems of his solutions. The energy of this gemstone is helpful to take the problem to its roots and quickly overviews the problem. It increases the insight and intuition of the.It increases the mental capacity of the holder to understand the complex concepts.

It protects the holder from the radiations that emits from the mobiles and computers.It removes this radiations from the environment and makes it pure. This gemstone should only be worn after consulting a gemstone specialist.This gemstone is helpful to oversome the negativity and painful sifferings. It is not a good gemstone for those who are going through mental depression. Many scholars have a opinion that this gemstone helps to regenerate the past life.This is considered as one opinion..

When the holder chooses new ways to achieve its objectives then this gemstone helps in making it easy to move forward on the path of progress.The green and black gemstone gives relief from past sufferings and removes negative energy, Thus, increases the flow of happiness in the holder’s life.It brings stability in the behaviour of the holder and helps in making the recalcitrant nature of holder flexible.

It keeps the mind calm. The spirit of leadership is  developed by holding this gemstone. It provides security in every aspect and develops the intellectual level of the holder. It helps the holder to get happiness and wealth. It maintains the mental and physical balance and helps in self-realization. It is helpful in bringing positive change and treatment.

It promotes communication and medium of communication and helps in maintaining harmonious relationship with others. It is helpful in reducing negative energy and alerts the holder for internal imbalances of the body.  It is a wonderful gemstone for creative works.It brings nourishment to the holder. It increases the patience and endurance and helps to concentrate the mind. It skills It increases the intelligence level. It reduces the sense of blaming themselves for anything.

Healing Ability Of Malachite

The holder receives positive energy from wearing the jewelery made from this gemstone.Positive energy flows and communicate from the total external and internal body of the holder. It prevents the problem of menstruation flows of the women. It is helpful in decreasing the pain at the time of delivery and menstruation.It increases the nervous system and immune system and controls the blood pressure.Prevents from the diseases like arthritis, asthma, broken bones, joint inflammation, epilepsy, etc.

It gives relief from eye related problems.It prevents the holder from Pancreas,dizziness, spleen Para-Thyroid. It makes liver stronger , and prevents toxins. It is is helpful in the reconstruction of body tissues and gives relief from the pain in bones.It keeps the holder from the sleeplessness and helps him to get a good sleep. It is helps in keeping away the mental stress and maintains a healthy circulatory system.

There is a special fact to note that this gemstone is useful is preventing small problems and stops them before its occurrence. But for serious problems the holder should always consult a doctor.This gemstone is used after polishing it. 

The amount of copper found in the gemstone is useful to give relief from arthritis and joint pain and reduces swelling and irritation. a small piece of this gemstone should be kept on the part of the body  , which has a problem for atleast 10 to 30 minutes. This will give relief to the holder . It can be worn as a necklace placed near  to the heart, it makes the Anahat Chakra strong.

Colors Of Malachite

This gemstone is mainly found in light and dark shades of green. It is also found in black colour. It has light and dark streaks and bands.

Where Is Malachite Found

This gemstone is found in Chile, USA, South Africa, South Australia, Kagoan, Namibia, Russia, Mexico, England, Arizona, France, Siberia, Israel, Zambia, Yural  etc. 

Care And Cleaning Of Malachite Crystals

If while holding this gemstone the colour changes , this means that this gemstone has absorbed negative energy.In this situation Malachite should be cleaned to make it pure . It is a delicate gem and should not be cleaned with soaps, acids and any salty compositions.It should be washed in the running water and while doing that the holder should take care of the polish. The second rule to clean is that , it should be kept in the pieces of Himelite gemstone for a night. This will make the gemstone pure.Keeping the gemstone under the sun for long  extended period can also damage it.

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