Auspiciousness of Monday in Daily Life (Work Done on Monday)

It is impossible to analyze auspicious Muhurtha for the daily routine activities. If you will try to find positive Muhurtha for your household tasks then results would not be accurate and if you will wait for the positive Muhurtha then your work may get delayed. 

Every day of a week is favorable for some of the activities and if we will perform our tasks according to the days then we would be able to accomplish our tasks in the favorable duration. Let’s see which tasks are favorable and unfavorable to perform on Monday.

Favorable Directions for Traveling on Monday

Traveling in the western direction on Monday will be favorable for you. You can accomplish your those tasks on Monday which you have to perform in the southern direction or north-western direction. Northern-eastern direction is also known as Vayavya direction in Hindi. You would face obstructions to fulfill your tasks if you will travel in other directions. Therefore, try to travel in the said directions on Monday to not to face any bad incident.

Prohibited Directions For Traveling on Monday

You should not travel in the eastern, northern and southern-eastern directions on Monday. If you will travel in these directions then you may suffer from bad health in future and your enemies may try to create obstacles in your work. You might not enjoy your traveling and it may increase your expenses and efforts.

Commencement of Education on Monday

You can start writing on Monday. This day would be favorable for writing of scriptures. You can start your career in the field of medical on Monday. You can start learning work related to beauty services on Monday. In addition, this day is favorable to start education in the field of pharmaceuticals.

Professional Tasks on Monday

You will be able to earn benefits from agricultural activities. This day is auspicious for sale-purchase of cattle. You can start business of milk and milk products. 

Monday is favorable to fulfill medical related activities. Therefore, you can start pharmaceuticals business on Monday. In addition, you can start business of Soda and other liquid products. . It will be auspicious for you to start business of shell or other sea products in this duration.   

In addition, this day is auspicious for the business of cosmetics and other fragrant products.You can communicate with your foreign partners in your business on Monday. You should select Monday as a favorable day to perform all the above mentioned tasks if you don’t have any other Muhurtha. Consider accuracy of a day if you will perform any important task on this day.

Other Auspicious and Inauspicious Tasks on Monday

Monday is moderate to wear new clothes, but, it is auspicious to wear new jewelry. If you will choose this day to wear new jewelry then you will get increased in your ornaments. This day is auspicious to apply oil on body and for the shaving activities. You can wear new shoes on this day. This day is unfavorable to file a case.