Dwitiya Tithi | Hindu Tithi | Dwitiya Meaning | Tithi Vaar Yoga

Dwitiya Tithi is known with different names. It is called as Dooj or Duj. Owner of this date is lord Brahma. Person born on this date should worship god Brahma. Other name of this date is called Sumangla. If this date falls on Wednesday in both the Paksha then it is called as Siddhida. Siddhi Tithi give result according to its name. All works done on this date get completed. 

Dwitiya Tithi Yoga

This date forms many Yogas which are made by Tithi. If, Dwitiya Tithi falls on Monday or Friday in an of the Paksha then it makes Yoga of Mrityuda Tithi. Any auspicious work done on this date can lead to death. All task performed today do not achieve completion. 

It is believed that on Dwitiya Tithi of Shukla Paksha, lord Shiva is near goddess Gauri. In such a situation, it is easy to please lord Shiva. And, worshipping lord Shiva on Dwitiya of Krishna Paksha is considered inauspicious. 

Qualities of a Person born on Dwitiya Tithi

A person born on Dwitiya Tithi has a strong attraction towards the person of opposite gender. Person of this Yoga avoids speaking truth. Hence, he dose not get love from people near him.