Trayodashi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date | How is Trayodashi Tithi Formed

The person born on Trayodashi Tithi , is highly blessed with wisdom .He knows many disciples, and is always interested to add to his knowledge . The person gains expertise in many religious scriptures.At the same time he is able to win the senses, and is inclined towards charity.

How is Trayodashi Tithi Formed 

When the distance between the Sun and the Moon lies between 145 degree to 156 degree, this tithi is formed in Shukla Paksha, and if it is between 313degree and 336 degree then this tithi is formed in Krishana Paksha. Kamdev is the Lord of this Tithi, and the person born in this Tithi should worship Kamdev.

Trayodashi Tithi Yoga 

When Trayodashi Tithi lies on Wednesday , then it corresponds to death i.e Mrityu Yoga is formed. Mrityu Yoga works according to its name . Whereas on if this Tithi lies on Tuesday , then Sidhidha Yoga forms . Shukla Paksha is considered to be auspicious for Trayodashi Tithi , whereas Krishna Paksha is inauspicious for this tithi.

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