Ekadasi Tithi - Hindu Calendar Date । Ekadashi Fast Importace । Ekadasi Tithi Yoga | Dwadashi Tithi

There are 30 days in one Lunar Month. As well as a lunar month is made ​​up from two aspects. The Eleventh date of both the aspects are called the EkaDashi Tithi. Of all the Tithi’s , Ekadashi has a special significance. 

Ekadashi Fast Importace

It is auspicious to follow fast on Ekadashi Tithi , for welfare and well-being. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Ekadashi. Giving away Gold, land, Food, etc in donation or charity is equivalent fruitful ,as derived from 1000 Ashwamedha Yajna.Ekadashi Tithi is one of the Nanda Tithi.

Ekadasi Tithi Yoga

When Ekadashi Tithi lies on Monday , it forms Krakach Yoga and Dagdha Yoga. Both these Yoga re considered to be a taboo in performing auspicious work. Ekadashi Tithi , is a birth date of Jupiter Planet. There are 24 Ekadashi’s in one year , and 26 in a year with additional months


Dwadashi Tithi

Person born on Dwadashi Tithi has a versatile personality. His thoughts reflect instability. He has a hard anatomical structure. Such a person gets opportunity of going abroad. He has to face problems in taking decisions. He has a sense of emotions in his behaviour. 

According to moon month, Dwadashi Tithi comes in the category of Bhadra Tithi. It is called as Bhadra Tithi, also, because it has Vishti Karna. Lord Vishnu is the owner of this date. Special name of this date is Yashobala. 

Dawadashi Tithi Yoga

Dwadashi Tithi when falling on Sunday form Karkach and Dugdha Yoga. Both these Yoga are regarded as inauspicious Yoga. People born on this date should worship lord Vishnu. This date is moderately auspicious. Worshipping lord Shiva on this day is considered favorable. 

It is believed that the Amrit generated by the Kala of moon, on Dwadashi, is drunk by the ancestors.