Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat ( Vaibhav Lakshmi Vratam) | Vaibhav Lakshmi Fast Method - Vaibhav Lakshmi Mantra | Lakshmi Sri Yantra

Fast of Goddess Vaibhav lakshmi is observed on Friday to get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. On Friday, fast of Mata Santoshi is also observed. Both the fasts are observed on the same day. But, the method of observing both the fast is different and purpose of these two fast is also different. Come let us know the procedure of observing the fast of Maa Vaibhav Lakshmi.

The speciality of this fast is that, both men and women can observe this fast. There is one more characteristic feature of this fast, the person observing this fast get both wealth and happiness. This fast is favorable to make Goddess Lakshmi reside in the house.

If a person worship Lakshmi Sri Yantra together with Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi, he gains profit in business and an increase in his income. In the field of business, worshiping the two gives tremendous gain and expansion. Purpose of observing this fast is to become wealthy. White colored items are specially used in the Puja of Goddess Lakshmi. White color helps to please Goddess very soon. 

While observing this fast, all rules mentioned in the scriptures should be followed. The things to be kept in mind while observing fast are as follows.

This fast can be observed by both men and women. The fruits of this Vrat are more beneficial to married women in comparison to girls. After starting this fast, it is observed continuously for 11 or 21 Fridays. 

While beginning the fast, the resolution of the number of fast is must be taken. After the completion of decided number of fast, Udyapan (Conclusion) of Vrat should be done. On not doing Udyapan, the fruit of fast is not achieved. 

On the day of fast, Goddess Lakshmi should be worshipped and remembered the whole day. A person should not sleep in the day time while observing this fast. Nor he should leave his routine work. Person should not be lethargic. Goddess Lakshmi don’t come to lazy people.

Additionally, the person observing fast should wake up early in the morning and clean the house. A house or place where cleanliness is not maintained, Goddess Lakshmi dose not reside there. 

While worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, coins should be used in form of money at the time of donation and Puja. Use of currency notes is not considered favorable.

Vaibhav Lakshmi Fasting Method

Person observing this fast should wake up early in the morning, complete the routine work and clean the house. Then, Ganga Jal is to be sprinkled in the house. An idol of Goddess Lakshmi, made of silver, should be placed in Ishan Kon (North- East direction) of house. Also, Shri Yantra should be placed and bowed. And, taking the name of Ashtalakshmi, worshipping should be done. The Ashtalakshmi names are as follows :- Dhan Lakshmi (Vaibhav Lakshmi), Gaj Lakshmi, Adhi Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Aishwarya Lakshmi, Veer Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Santan Lakshmi etc.

After this, the following mantra should be chanted. 

या रक्ताम्बुजवासिनी विलासिनी चण्डांशु तेजस्विनी ।

या रक्ता रुधिराम्बरा हरिसखी या श्री मनोल्हादिनी ॥

या रत्‍नाकरमन्थनात्प्रगटिता विष्णोस्वया गेहिनी ।

सा मां पातु मनोरमा भगवती लक्ष्मीश्‍च पद्‌मावती ॥

In english:-

Ya Raktambujvasini Vilasini Chandanshu Tejasivni |

Ya Rakta Rudhirambra Harisakhi Ya Shri Manolahadini ||

Ya Ratnakrmanthnatpragtiha Vishnusvya Gehini |

Sa Maa Patu Manorma Bhagwati Lakshmishch Padmawati ||

People who are unable to say the above mentioned mantra can speak its meaning. Meaning of the mantra is as follows:- 

The one who lives in red lotus, who can not be expressed, bright faced, absolute red, wearing blood colored clothes, very dear to Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi which gives pleasure to mind, originated from Samundra Manthan, wife of God Vishnu, born from lotus and excessively worshiped. O Goddess Lakshmi, protect me.

After observing fast for the whole day, in noon time, a person can have fruits and one time meal should be eaten, in the night. In the evening, after sunset, during Pradosh kal and stable Lagana time, fast of Mata Lakshmi should be concluded.

After worshipping Goddess Vaibhav Lakshmi, the Vrat Katha should be heard. On the day of fast, Goddess should be offered Kheer. Worshipping should be done with incense sticks, lamp, Gandh and white flowers. Prasaad of Kheer is distributed to everyone and then eaten. 

Vaibhav Lakshmi Vratam

In the southern regions of India, this fast is known as Vaibhav Lakshmi Vratam. In Hindu religion, Mahalakshmi is specially worshipped. Mahalakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. Without any money, a person is in capable of doing his work. Although, Mata Lakshmi should be worshipped daily. But, it is really fruitful to worship Goddess Lakshmi while observing Vaibhav Lakshmi Vart. In the era of income, people with money have all sorts of comforts and pleasure. Many a times, a person is counted as qualified if he has money. The honour and respect earned by rich people is visible to everyone.

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