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Shivakanchi lake is also known as Sarvateertha Lake. This is a sacred lake, where people come to take a dip.It is believed that taking a dip in this lake , gives salvation from all sins.Shivakanchi is a major pilgrimage place for a bath.Many temples are situated , around this lake, and Kashi Vishwanath is one of them.Many pilgrims complete their religious works and services after taking the bath in this lake. On the bank of the river services like tonsure and memorials are accomplished.

Ekambaranathar Temple

Ekambaratnathar Temple is a huge temple , situated near Sarwateertha lake.The temple is one of South India's highest temples. The columns are incripted with beautiful sculptures .The temple have two big circles and on either side of the door temples of Lord Subrahunyam and Ganeshji are located. Shivalinga lake is also found here , where durinbg the ocassion of Jyeshtha the statues are given bath.

On the south of the lake , Shanshaneshwer Shivalinga is established.This rings leads to the door of the main temple.Inside the entrance of the main temple shri Ekambaranatha temple is situated.Here water is not offered to Ekameshawar , instead it is scented oil of jasmine is used. Behind the statue of Lingamurti , llies Gaurishankar’s statue. It is said that this statue is made from sand produced by the goddess Parvati. There are two parikramas(rounds) of the main temple.In the first parikrama , the idols of shivabhaktagana, Ganeshji, 108 Shivalinga, Nandieshwar Linga, Chandikeshwar Linga and Chandrakanthbalaji comes, and in the second parikrama Kalidevi, Kotilinga , and Kailash Temples are located 

In Kailash Temple, the statue of Shiv-Parvati sits. In the courtyard of Ekambaranath Temple there is a very old Mango tree, and at the bottom platform a small temple is established containing the idol of Devi Kamakshi. The devotees take rounds of this tree.It is said that once Devi Parvati generated darkness in the three worlds ,due to which Lord Shiva got angry and cursed her. To get rid of this curse, Parvatiji meditated under his mango tree and was freed from it and Lord Shiva accepted her thereafter. This Ekameshwar Linga is the same linga which Parvatiji established and offered her prayers.

Kanchipuram situated in TamilNadu is one of the seven sacred places of India.यह पवित्र This sacred pilgrimage site , is known as City of temples.Many great temples can be seen around Kanchipuram.In addition to temples, the city is also famous for silk sarees.