Horary Astrology | Prasna Kundli and its Importance

Prasna Sastra, also known as Horary Astrology is very popular in today’s world. Prasna kundli is the kundli formed at the time the query is put by the querier. On the basis of that chart the problem solving is done. The basic importance of Prasna Kundli is that it has the ability to provide solutions to the queries of immediate event affecting our day to day life. 

Sometimes it happens that  the querier has a query but doesn’t have the birth details or unfortunately the details are not accurate. In such conditions, the prasna kundli ased on the planetary positions at that moment.  in order to solve the query.

Prasna Kundali or Horary Astrology is the most important branch of the astrological science. Astrological science has three main divisions- Predictive Astrology(Jataka) , Electional Astrology(Muhurtha), Horary Astrology(prasna Tantra). Prasna Kundli is the art of perceiving the relation between the thought of the querier in the mind and the pattern of the planetary systems at that moment. This gives the clue for forecasting an event. hence, it is very useful for the astrologers to predict the event in future or present more accurately.   

Tajik theory of aspect and the Tajik Yogas have made a great contribution in  Prasna kundli prediction and analysis. The concept of reading the prasna kundli is not the same as Predictive Astrology. Planets become distinguished as significators. for example Lord of 3rd is the significators for brothers, The lord of ascendant and planets in ascendant are are the significators of the querier or the agent, 2nd lord is the significator of money matters. brothers wife will be judged by the 9th house as it is 7th from the 3rd house( the significator of brother). 

The other important factor considered in the Prasna Kundli is the Translation of light. It means that when a planet separates from one that is slower than itself and overtakes another by conjunction or aspect their is a translation of light.

Horary astrology is a system of prognostication which demonstrates that in the time at which a query is put lies imbedded seeds of result. The astrologer in his interpretation of the horary chart should be assisted by promptings by the great Divine.

The mechanism of interpretation given in prasna sastra has been tested by various astrologers and has found it satisfactory. Unlike Tarot reading, Prasna Kundali has been given scientific base developed on the planetary positions in the transit at the time of the question. It is believed that the question is put is the time of birth of the intention or desire in the mind of the querent. and hence has a great significance. 

On the basis of prasna kundli one can get the answers of all special questions such as - A person missing is Dead or Alive, whether the patient will be able to recover from illness, recovery of the lost property, release of an Imprisoned traveller, queries related to crops, Identity of a thief, Sale purchase of precious items, Individuals future, In western countries, such queries are solved through Tarot reading or Psychic powers. Comparing this occult forms with Prasna Kundli,  the base of Prasna Kundli is more authentic and scientific. In the other case it entirely depends on the analysing powers of the  Tarot reader and Psychic counsellor. 

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