Lagna Bhava Meaning | First House in Horoscope | Ist House in Indian Astrology

In Indian astrology , First house is known by many other names.This house is also known as lagana bhava, kendra bhava, and trikon bhava. Lagna Bhava is the strength of horoscope , and has a great significance as compared to other houses.If Lagna or Lagnesh is affected by Badhkesh Planet , then the persons health is affected. Any extreme planet in Lagna Bhava , affects the normal growth and marriage

The more the rising Lagna is benefic , the long life a person gets.This yoga helps the person to achieve happiness and respect and the person will be surrounded by happy circumstances.Other than that , if the Lagna aspects Lagnesh ,then the person is the richest amongst the rich. This person act as a lamp to its blood.

What are the characteristics of Ascendant's House

Lagna Bhava represents the person , if present in its horoscope.The characteristics of this bhava are health, longevity, happiness, physical texture, character, height, nature, physical constitution, innate temperament, knowledge, joy,status, nature, self-esteem, personality, radiance, activeness success with efforts , failure, natural qualities of the person, person with questions, fame, the beginning of life, childhood, children, age, environment, physical body.  

What are the Karaka things of First House

Sun in first house brings pleasure of health  and happiness.The person is energetic and has a long life. In this house , moon is the karaka of body.Mars in first house is the karaka of skull and brain

What does the house of Ascendant explains physically. 

The first house mainly reflects the physical body.

What does the House of Ascendant accurately explains

First house analyses health and physique accurately.

Ascendant's house represents which  relationships. 

The first house is used to analyse relatives like Grandmother (Nani and Dadi)of both the parental sides.

Ascendant's House is the Karak House of which body parts. 

Ascendants’s house is used to analyse head, neck, bladder, hair, skin, upper portion of the face.. As per the aspects degree , first house is used for the results of head, neck and basti part of the body.  

When does Ascendant's House is strong.

When benefic planets sits in Lagna Bhava , then it is strong or when Lagna Bhav aspects benefic planets or lies between benefic planets or lagnesh can see Lagna Bhava. If any of these yoga is formed in the horoscope , then first house is  considered to be strong.

When does Ascendant's House is weak

When Lagna Bhava is stuck between Malefic Planets , the Lagna Bhava is weak Or if malefic planets sits in Lagna Bhava , or malefic planets looks at Lagna Bhava, or if a person is born in an inaupicious Navansh or drehsthakon. In any of these said situations ,Lagna Bhava is considered as a victim.

When does Lagnesh is strong

When the Lagna is located in its own signs , then it is strong Or if Lagnesh lies with a friendly planet, or if Lagnesh is situated in eleventh house also makes it strong. Or if Lagnesh lies between benefic planets, and is in aspect of benefic planets, or is situated in exalted sign , or if its friendly planet is in navansha, in aspect of friendly planet, or conjucts benefic planets, or is in the sign of friendly planet, or being in Lagnesh kendra or Trikon Bhava also makes Lagna Bhava stronger.

When does Lagnesh is weaker 

When lagnesh is present in enemy planet, conjucts malefic planets, or if lagnesh is in third, sixth, eight, or twelfth house, situated between malefic planets, or sets in debilitated sign, or its enemy is in navansh or in aspect , then Lagnesh is considered to be weaker.