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Prediction of Voyages, Travel and Accidents - Lines of Journey

The heavy lines on the face of mount of Luna and the little hair-lines which leave the line of life and travel towards the mount of Moon are known as lines of journey. Sometimes, the short lines that join the line of..

The Line of Children in Palmistry

The lines found at the mount of Mercury above the line of marriage and at the base of the thumb are lines related to children. But, this line should be studied along with the other lines and features on a hand to..

The Line of Marriage in Palmistry

The horizontal lines situated exactly below the little finger and above the heart lines are called marriage lines. These lines indicate intimacy in relationships, happiness in marital life and existence of love and..

The Girdle of Venus, The Ring of Saturn and The Three Bracelets

The Girdle of Venus The semicircle which rises between the base of the index finger and middle finger and ends between the base of little finger and ring finger is called the girdle of Venus. It makes an individual..
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