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Significance of other Marks on a Palm

The Triangle A triangle can be seen as a distinct and a clear sign on the palm and is not formed by the intersection of two lines. It is considered a favourable sign but it is more significant when it stands as an..

The Grille, La Croix Mystique and the Ring of Solomon

The Grille The grille is very rarely found on a hand. It is usually found on the mounts in a palm . It is a point through which energies of a hand dissipate. The presence of these signs in the entirety of the hand..

The Island, the Circle and the Spot

An Island The island is often considered an unfortunate sign but its significance is associated with the line or portion of the hand on which it is found. It is interesting to know that it frequently relates to the..

The Square on various Lines of Hand and Mounts

The square is one of the most interesting sign on a hand and are very few in number. It is often referred as the mark of preservation because it indicates protection of the subject at the particular point from where it..

The Significance of Cross in a Palm

A cross sign is considered very significant in studying a palm. The characteristics of a cross are opposite to that of a star and it is seldom found as a favourable sign. It indicates trouble, disappointment, danger and..

The Star on various Mounts and Fingers

The star is a sign is of great significance in a palm wherever it makes its appearence on hand. It is a fortunate sign with one or two exceptions. The results related to a star vary according to the portion of the hand..
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