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Representations of The Line of Health (The Hepatica) on the Basis of Shape and Position

The line of health is also known as the Hepatica or the line of Mercury. It commences from wrist towards the little finger. This line foretells the growth of an illness or the causative agent of a disease in an..

Representations of Various Positions of Sun Line

The various positions of line of Sun are very significant in determining the extent of fame and success in the life of an individual, the factors causing fame and hurdles posed in the way of achieving success. It..

The Line of Sun - A symbol of Fame, Success and Brilliance

The line of Sun also known as the Line of Apollo, Line of success or the Line of brilliance should be considered according to the type of hand on which it lies. It predicts fame, success and brilliance in the life of an..

Representations of Various Positions of Fate Line

The position of line of fate plays an important part in determining the decisions related to destiny. It decides that which course of studies an individual will choose, what kind of career he will opt for, what will be..

Representations of Various Shape of Fate Line

The line of fate also known as destiny line, lies in the centre of the palm. It may originate from wrist, from mount of Moon, from life line or from the head line or heart line . This line is considered to reflect the..

Representations of Various Positions of Line of Heart

The position of the line of heart is very significant in determining romantic prospects for a person. The various positions of this line represent the attraction between the opposite sexes, nature of romantic life, type..

Representations of Heart Line on the Basis of Shape - The Line of Heart

The line of heart originates below the index finger, travels across the palm and ends below the little finger. It lies at the top of the palm directly above the line of life and the line of heart. It is used to analyse..

Insanity as Represented by the Head Line

The shape or placement of the line of head also determines whether the person is normal or abnormal. The line of head when sinks to an abnormal point on the Mount of Luna , represents that the imagination of the subject..

Representations of Various Positions of Life Line in Palmistry - The Line of Life

The position of line of life influences the fate of an individual to a large extent. The position of this line also imparts various influences on the other lines. All the lines when rise from the line of life represent..

Representations of Life Line based on Shape - The Line of Life

The line of life is the line which rises from the mount of Venus , goes down the palm and encircles the mount of Venus. It is the most significant and most controversial line on hand. This extends from the edge of the..

Head Line in Palmistry - Palmistry Reading Head Line - Benefits of Head Line in Palmistry

The head line originates at the bottom of index finger and transverses across the palm until it terminates. It often touches the life-line at its point of origin. This line is primarily related to the mental state of an..

Lines in Palmistry - Study of Lines in Palmistry

The study of lines on a palm is of great significance in palmistry. It includes the study of various features like crosses, stars, sections, crescents etc in the form of lines in the palm. These lines tell us about the..
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