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The Line of Children in Palmistry

The lines found at the mount of Mercury above the line of marriage and at the base of the thumb are lines related to children. But, this line should be studied along with the other lines and features on a hand to predict the possibility of getting children. A well-developed mount of Venus and the curved path of line of life represents a good possibility of getting children. One can accurately make out how many children one will get, whether the children will play an important part in his or her life or not, will they be delicate or strong and will they be a male or a female by the position of this line, by various mounts they touch and by their appearence.

The general representations of the shape and positions of the line of children are as follows :

  • Hast Sanjivan states that the number of lines from the bracelet till the line of life indicates the number of children in the life of a person.
  • If the lines below the bracelet are even in number, then a female child is born first and if the lines are odd in number then a male child is born first.
  • The first line which extends outside the hand above the line of marriage, indicate the first child, second indicates the second child and so on.
  • The straight line of children indicates a male child and a bent line indicates a female child.
  • When the first bracelet takes a long turn and enters the palm, it indicates an obstacle or an unhappiness related to your children.
  • The line of children appears more prominent on the hands of females rather than males.
  • When the lines of children are clearly marked, these denote strong and healthy children. On the contrary if the lines are faint and wavy, the subject’s children are weak.
  • When a little island is present in the first part of the line, the child will be very delicate in his or her early life. But if the line is well marked further, the child will have a good health eventually.
  • When one line is longer and well-marked than the rest of the lines, one child will be more important to the parents than all the others.
  • The crosses or breaks in this line represent abortion or death of the child.
  • When the life line encloses the mount of Venus and shrinks it, there are possibilities of harm for the child of the subject.
  • When these lines are well-marked and clear in the hands of a man, he will have an extremely affectionate nature and will love the children.

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