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The Girdle of Venus, The Ring of Saturn and The Three Bracelets

The Girdle of Venus

The semicircle which rises between the base of the index finger and middle finger and ends between the base of little finger and ring finger is called the girdle of Venus. It makes an individual highly sensitive and an extremist. It is usually found on a psychic or a conic hand. It represents individuals which are highly sensitive and are intellectuals. These people are changeable in their moods, are easily annoyed and are touchy over small things. It characterizes a highly sensitive and a nervous temperament and disturbance in such kind of individuals often results in hysteria and despondency.

People which have this mark on their hand are capable of reaching up to highest level of enthusiasm for anything which relates to their fancy. But, they are not in same mood for two times. At one moment they are high spirits while in the other they are extremely miserable. When the girdle goes over the side of the hand and touches the line of marriage, the happiness related to marriage is affected by the peculiar temperament of the subject. Such people are perfectionist and rigid. Hence, it is difficult to live with them.

The Ring of Saturn

The ring of Saturn is very rarely found on a hand. It is not a good sign to have it on hand. It commences from the centre of the index finger and middle finger, encircles the middle finger and ends between the middle finger and ring finger. This ring inhibits the natural instincts of an individual and he is not able to continue one task for a long period of time. He tries to change his domain of work very frequently. These people are always full of big ideas and plans, but they always give up in the half-way due to lack of dedication towards the purpose.

Soft hands, scattered head line and a well-developed ring of Saturn makes an individual highly imaginative but lack of sensibility, patience, concentration and courage makes him unsuccessful. The presence of ring along with a scattered line of fate is the cause of poor concentration. The inauspicious effects of ring of Saturn are reduced when the ring is scattered.

The Three Bracelets

The three bracelets are present at the wrist almost where a palm begins and these lines do not have much significance in palmistry. The scholars across the world have different opinions about these bracelets. According to Varahmir, people with well-developed, dark and clear bracelets have an appearence of a king. According to a famous composition of palmistry called Hast Sanjivan, loose, scattered and faded bracelets symbolize unfortunate, unhappy and an unprosperous life.

When the first bracelet rises up to the palm, it causes weakness in the  internal organs - e.g in the bearing of children.

If the bracelets are straight and clear, it means that subject has strong and robust constitution.

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