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Representations of Various Positions of Fate Line

The position of line of fate plays an important part in determining the decisions related to destiny. It decides that which course of studies an individual will choose, what kind of career he will opt for, what will be the hurdles faced by him and his achievements and failures.

Some general representations of fate line on the basis of its position are provided below.

  • When the line of fate rises from the line of life, the subject will be very successful and will earn immense wealth.
  • When the line of fate originates from the wrist, it tells that the life of a person will be sacrificed to the wishes of parents or relatives.
  • When the line of fate rises from the wrist and proceeds straight up to the mount of Saturn, it is the sign of extremely good fortune and immense success.
  • If the line rises from the mount of Luna, fate and success will be dependent on planning of the other people.
  • When the line of fate is straight and inclines towards any particular mount, it depicts a great success in the field related to the characteristics of that mount.
  • When the line of fate ascends towards the centre of mount of Jupiter, unusual power and distinction comes into the life of subject.
  • If the line sends a branch towards the mount of Jupiter, it also shows more than usual success in that particular phase of life.
  • When the line runs beyond the palm cutting the finger of Saturn, it is not a good sign since everything will go too far.
  • When the line of life is abruptly stopped by the line of heart, the chances of success will be ruined through the sentiments.
  • When the line is stopped by the line of head, it represents that the success will be denied to the subject due to a stupid mistake or a blunder of the head.
  • If the line of fate does not rise until late in the plain of Mars, it denotes a very difficult, hard and troubled life.
  • When the line of fate rises from the line of head and it is clear and well-marked, then success will be achieved by the subject after a tough struggle through his talents.
  • When the line rises from the line of heart, an individual would get success very late in life after a difficult struggle.

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Fate Line


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