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Representations of Heart Line on the Basis of Shape - The Line of Heart

The line of heart originates below the index finger, travels across the palm and ends below the little finger. It lies at the top of the palm directly above the line of life and the line of heart. It is used to analyse romantic prospects, attraction between the opposite sexes, emotional stability and psychological endurance. It may arise from three important positions : from the middle of the mount of Jupiter, between the first and second fingers and from the centre of mount of Saturn.

The shape of the line of heart is of great significance in determining various romantic prospects for a person. The general characteristics indicated by the heart line on the basis of shape are as follows :

  • When the line of heart is dark, broad and clear, it represents strong affection in an individual. A long line of heart ending at the base of the index finger depicts jealously along with strong affection.
  • When the line of heart consists of a crowd of little lines which rise from it, it depicts a variable and flirtatious character with no lasting affection.
  • If the line of heart is broad and chained, the individual gives an utter contempt for the opposite sex.
  • When the line of heart is bright red, it represents a great or violent passion.
  • When the line of heart is colourless or broad, the subject is indifferent towards the activities happening around him.
  • When this line contains breaks in it,  it represents disappointment in relationships.
  • When the line of heart begins with a bifurcation at the mount of Jupiter, it is a sign of getting a true and honest partner and enthusiasm in love.
  • When the line of heart bifurcates, with one branch resting on mount of Jupiter and the other between index and middle fingers, it represents a sign of a happy and tranquilized relationship.
  • When the fork is so wide that one branch rests on the mount of Jupiter and the other on mount of Saturn, it represents that the relationship with your partner will be uncertain owing to erratic temperament in affection.
  • When the line is bare and devoid of branches, it depicts lack of emotions in the heart of an individual. It also shows the subject needs affection in his or her life.
  • When the line of heart is thin towards the side of hand, it represents that the subject is sterile.
  • The fine lines rising up to the line of heart from the line of head, denote those who influence our thoughts in affairs of heart.
  • When the lines of heart, head and life are joined together, it is an evil sign in all matters of affection. Such a person would not able to stick to anything to obtain his or her desires.
  • A faded line of heart or the absence of line of heart symbolizes lack of deep affection. But, the subject can be very sensuous particularly if his hand is soft.
  • When the line of heart has been there but has faded out with the passage of time, it depicts that the person had experienced terrible disappointments in love and hence has become heartless and indifferent.

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Heart Line on the Palm


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