Yogas for No Children

Position of planets situated in a Kundali determine whether the native will be able to attain the pleasure of a child or not. Yogas formed in a Kundali are based on certain vedic rules and principles. According to vedic astrology, it is believed that if the lord of the fifth house is strong and placed in its own sign or being aspected by an inauspicious planet, then it is considered to be an auspicious position for a birth of a child.

Afflicted fifth house or lord of the fifth house can cause delays in the conception. In order to determine the prospects of having a child or not, the fifth house of navamsha horoscope is analyzed. Apart from this, the saptansha horoscope is also analyzed for the same purpose. Ascendant, lord of the ascendant, fifth house, the lord of the fifth of of saptansha kundali and fifth house and the lord of the fifth house of birth chart are analyzed for children.

We have already discussed about the factors that are used to analyze and determine the pleasure of child in a native’s life. Today we’ll take an example of a horoscope and analyze each factors one by one to determine the consequences. The woman to whom this horoscope belongs was not able to conceive a child. No remedy and medical guidance could help her have a child throughout her life. After few hours of marriage, she decided to adopt a girl child. But as the girl grew up it was realized that she was paralyzed from legs. Her right hand was no paralyzed. Having said that, the woman was not able to attain the pleasure of a healthy child even after adoption.

Birth Chart

First of all we’ll analyze the birth details of the woman. The lady was born on October 1964. At the age of 22, she was married to a suitable man, belonging to a well-off family. Since she got married in a well to do family, she never had to face any kind of financial instability. Her husband was a successful businessman. She stayed in a protected family environment. The chart belongs to Gemini ascendant. The moon is situated in the eighth house with Capricorn sign.

Gemini is the ascendant and Capricorn is the sign. Other planets are as follows:

Rahu is in the ascendant, Mars is debilitated in the second house, Venus is in the third house, Mercury and Sun are in the fourth house, Ketu is in the seventh house, Moon is in the eighth house, Saturn is retrograde in the ninth house and Jupiter is retrograde in the twelfth house.

Ascendant and the lord of the ascendant are weakly placed in the birth chart. Rahu is in the ascendant and lord of the ascendant, Mercury is in the fourth house in its own sign. But lord of the ascendant is set with Sun in the fourth house. Sun is at 28 degree 3 minutes, while Mercury is at 27 degree 19 minutes. Venus belongs to the fifth house with Libra sign, but it is placed in its enemy sign, Leo in the third house. Venus in the leo sign is not considered auspicious due to their enmity nature. Venus being the lord of the fifth house is also aspected by the Saturn, which is the lord of the destiny, as well as the lord of the eighth house in this horoscope .

Mars is inauspicious for this horoscope as it is the lord of the sixth house and situated in the debilitated in the second house. Here Mars is aspecting the fifth house from his fourth house. The fifth house and the lord of the destiny, both are affected by the effects of Mars and Saturn.

Jupiter is known as the karak of childbirth. In this horoscope, Jupiter is retrograde in the twelfth house. An auspicious in the retrograde state loses its auspiciousness and is not able to give good results. Moon is also situated in the eighth house and aspected by debilitated Mars. This signify afflicted Moon. Afflicted ascendant, lord of the ascendant and Moon often result in lack of some or the other thing in the native.

Debilitated Mars is also going to give troubles to the natives. If we start to analyze the fifth house from the fifth house, the ninth house is also afflicted due to presence of afflicted Saturn. Also, Venus being the lord of the fifth house is also situated in its own nakshatra, which is not considered to be auspicious. Planet situated in its own nakshatra gives problems as per its karak elements.

Navamsha Kundli

The fifth house and the lord of the fifth house can be also be analyzed through navamsha kundli. Gemini is the ascendant of Navamsha kundli as well. When the ascendant of birth chart and navmansh kundli is ame, it is known as Vargottama lagna. In this kundli, Rahu is in the fifth house with Libra sign, and Venus is debilitated one house behind its own house. Mars, being the lord of the sixth house is aspecting the Venus from the eighth house. In this kundli, the fifth house, lord of the fifth house and Jupiter, all are afflicted. Jupiter is debilitated in the eighth house and the sixth house is being aspected by Saturn.

Saptansha Kundli

Saptansha kundli is also analyzed for determine the pleasure of a child. First of all, its ascendant and the lord of the ascendant are analyzed. In this kundli, the Sagittarius is the ascendant and the presence of Ketu in the ascendant, has made is afflicted. The lord of the ascendant, Jupiter is situated in the twelfth house. Venus is the lord of the sixth house in this kundli, which becomes a biggest hurdle in conceiving a child. Aries is the sign of the fifth house whose lord is Mars. But Mars is afflicted because it is situated with Rahu in the seventh house. The ascendant of the saptansh kundli is on the axis of Rahu/Ketu, Jupiter is situated with Venus in the twelfth house, Mars, being the lord of the fifth house is situated on the axis of Rahu/Ketu and Saturn is aspecting the ascendant. All these situations signify obstacles and problems.

Moon Kundli

If we analyze the kundali considering Moon as the ascendant, it creates a Capricorn ascendant kundali. Taurus comes in the fifth house, while the lord of the fifth house, Venus is in the eighth house. Saturn is aspecting the the lord of the fifth house from the second house. Jupiter, being the lord of the third and twelfth house is situated in the fifth house, which is not considered to be an auspicious position. Fifth house is again afflicted in this kundli. It seems there’s no hope for the birth of a child at all.

Kshetra Sphuta

To judge the prospects of progeny in a woman’s kundali we must look at the Kshetra Sphuta. To calculate the kshetra sphuta you have to add the longitudes of Moon, Mars and Jupiter along with the degrees and radians. This woman’s Kshetra sphuta falls in Gemini sign. If the kshetra sphuta falls in an odd sign in a woman’s kundali it’s not considered auspicious. Here it is in the Gemini sign, which is considered to be an odd situation. It is situated on the axis of Rahu/Ketu. Generally, Kshetra Sphut is formed in the Scorpio sign in Navamsha kundli. But it can also be formed in the Cancer sign in the sixth house or Saptanch kundli. But in this kundli, Cancer sign is situated in the eighth house, which is not considered to be auspicious.


The fifth house is afflicted in all birth chart, navamsha kundli, saptansha kundli and Moon kundli. This is the reason, the native had to suffer from the obstacles of karak elements related to the fifth house. The impact of auspiciousness in all these horoscopes will determine the degree of problems that the native would face in her life.

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