Time of Conception - An Analysis

In order to make predictions about something in Vedic astrology, it is very important to understand and analyse the Yogas in your Kundali. Once Yogas have been studied, Dasha or Antardasha related to the incident and occurrence are studied. In the end, it is also important to analyse transits in your Kundali. All this information will help in making predictions about future incidents in your life. In this article, we will try to understand this concept with the help of a woman’s Kundali. In this Kundali, we will talk about the time of conception. We will analyse Yogas related to conception, Dasha and Antardasha related to conception and transits.

Janma Kundali

This woman’s Kundali has Virgo Ascendant and Gemini birth sign. In the first year of her marriage, she conceived a daughter as her first child. After this, she conceived a son. She was married in the first week of May, 1997. In February, 1998, she conceived her first child. First of all, we will try to analyse Yogas related to conception in this Kundali. We will try to understand the state and condition of these Yogas. In this Virgo Ascendant Kundali, Mercury, Mars and Sun are also present in Ascendant. In the fourth house, Jupiter is with Rahu, which is its Mooltrikona sign. Saturn is the Lord of fifth house. It is in the ninth house of her Kundali. Moon and Ketu are in tenth house of the Kundali. Venus is in eleventh house.

As mentioned earlier, Saturn is the Lord of the fifth house. It is present in ninth house of her Kundali. Saturn is not influenced by any malefic planet. In fact, it is not aspected by any planet. It is not even making any conjunctions or relations with any other planet. In other words, the Lord of fifth house is strong and extremely auspicious. It is even present in a strong house. The fifth house in her Kundali is also aspected by an auspicious planet, Venus. It is in eleventh house. Venus is the Lord of the house of fortune. It is aspecting the fifth house.

Fifth house and the Lord of fifth house are very strong. Jupiter is a Karak planet. It is present on the arc of Rahu and Ketu. However, Jupiter is being aspected by an auspicious planet, Moon. Moon is also the Lord of eleventh house. Jupiter is in its Mooltrikona sign. Although Rahu and Jupiter are in conjunction, there are quite far when it comes to degrees. Rahu is at 29 degrees, while Jupiter is at 9 degrees. It is even believed that Rahu gives results according to the house and Lord of the house with which it forms relations. In this Kundali, Rahu has adopted Jupiter’s auspiciousness. Since Rahu is in a center house, it is not inauspicious.

Navansh Kundali

If we take a look at this woman’s Navansh Kundali, it is quite clear that she has a Capricorn Ascendant Kundali. In other words, Janma Kundali’s fifth house is Ascendant in this Kundali. The Lord of fifth house in Navansh Kundali is Venus. It is in the third house in its exalted sign. Janma Kundali’s Lord of fifth house, Saturn, is in its friendly sign. It is present in the house of fortune.

Saptansh Kundali

Saptansh Kundali’s Ascendant is Pisces. Its Lord, Jupiter, is in the eleventh house of Saptansh Kundali. We will analyse the Ascendant and Lord of the Ascendant in Saptansh Kundali. Jupiter is in debilitated sign. However, in eleventh house, even a debilitated planet provides auspicious results. Hence, Lord of Ascendant is auspicious.


When this woman gave birth to a child, Jupiter and Mercury’s Dashas were active. Before these Dashas, the woman got pregnant during Dashas of Jupiter and Saturn. Let us now analyse Maha Dashanath in Janma Kundali, Varga Kundali and Saptansh. Jupiter is Maha Dashanath. It is a natural planet for conception. It is in its Mooltrikona sign in her Janma Kundali.

When this woman got pregnant, Saturn’s Dasha in Jupiter was active. It was active till October, 1997. Saturn is the Lord of fifth house in her Kundali. It is present in fifth house from fifth house. In other words, it is present in ninth house of the Kundali. This means, a relevant Dasha was active and the woman got pregnant just after marriage. The Lord of Ascendant in Saptansh Kundali is Jupiter. Jupiter is in eleventh house of her Kundali. It is aspecting the fifth house. Saturn is the Antar Dashanath. It is in the third house of Saptansh Kundali. It is also aspected by Jupiter. Saturn is also aspecting the fifth house in Saptansh Kundali.

At the time of her child’s birth, Jupiter and Mercury’s Dashas were active. We have already talked about Jupiter. Now, let us analyse Mercury’s Dasha. Mercury is the Lord of Ascendant in Janma Kundali. During the Dasha of Lord of Ascendant, a person receives results of any house in janma kundali. In Saptansh Kundali, Mercury is in fifth house. It is aspected by the Karak planet for conception, Jupiter.


It is important to understand that a task can not be accomplished in your Kundali without the transit of Jupiter and Saturn. For conception, it is important to understand that you will conceive a child when transit of Jupiter and Saturn is over fifth house and Lord of fifth house. Moreover, it is also important that Dasha is also active during this period. If we take a look at the transit of Saturn and Jupiter ninth months before this woman conceived a child, we will notice that Saturn is in Pisces sign and Jupiter is in Capricorn sign. Saturn is aspecting the Lord of fifth house from Pisces sign, while Jupiter is in fifth house and aspecting the Lord of fifth house. In this Kundali, a dual transit is giving maximum auspicious results.

In this way, we can deduce that Dasha and transit need to be related to a relevant house for a person to conceive a child. Moreover, relevant should also be present in a Kundali.

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