Gulika Mandi- A Tail Piece


Gulika which also known as 'mandi' is the offspring of Saturn or son of Manda. It is a very important pseudo planets according to the belief in South India especially in Kerala. Some consider Gulika and Mandi as different concepts.

Where do they fit in

Vedic astrology recognises a set of two non-luminous as shadowy planets. These are the most famous planets known as Rahu and Ketu which are located at the northern and southern nodes of the Moon. Two other planets which are referred in Vedic astrological literature as Mandi and Gulika are the non-luminous planets which have never been considered to have physical shape or form although Puranas have described them.


These are deemed to have the eclipsing function in our puranas and referred as ' swallowing ' the luminaries. We will just provide a little description of Mandi since it is very popular in Kerala. It is considered very important in Kundali, Prasna Kundali and selection of time muhurtha. It is also helpful in additionally judging a horoscope.


Mandi is the most evil planet among pseudo planets especially when it is associated with Saturn. The lord of the sign is occupied by Mandi which becomes malefic. Astrological works describe the effects of Mandi in each house as well as in conjunction with other planets.

Placement in Lagna

If Mandi is placed in Lagna, the native would be a thief, cruel and without humility. There may be possibilities of diseases and accidents of limbs. His eyes would be afflicted. He would not be of high intellect, would eat a lot and would never have happiness. He would be an atheist and will be attracted to wrong type of women.

Effect of Hastiness

If you find Mandi in Lagna please do not be hasty to attribute all the evils mentioned above to the native. These are only general possibilities and there must be other indications as well which have to be checked before coming to a conclusion. For example, for the affliction of the eye we must find how much the house representing the eyes and planets signifying the eyes are afflicted.

When Mandi is in conjunction with Sun, the native might suffer from ill health, insult his father, as well as teacher and he wont get help from others.

Death or Birth

Mandi is associated with the death of a native as well as his birth also. Most often, it is found that lagna would fall on the sign which may be a trine (5th or 9th) of Mandi’s place or the lord of Mandi’s sign.

Thus, Mandi is useful in astrological predictions, judgement of birth chart, finding muhurthas for various functions and in horary astrology.



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    my DOB is 30/5/1963, place is chennai and time of birth is 7 AM. My chart shows presence of Maandi in the 2nd house. What kind of bad effects can it give. How do i get relief from its bad effects.
    Thank you.
    By partha | Published 03 June, 2012 15:09:11 PM Reply
    i want your software in kuliamandi
    By M.A.MURRALITHARAN | Published 02 January, 2013 19:01:19 PM Reply
    Is leo mars ie12th house from Virgo indicates poverty.How to over come it
    By T R SREENIVAS | Published 10 February, 2013 01:09:28 AM Reply
    My dob is 9.11.1990 in chennai at 6.30am horoscope shows maandi in 2nd house how it will affect the life what parigaram to do for that please reply soon.
    By l.hemalatha | Published 05 April, 2013 11:52:43 AM Reply
    My son M. Harishkishore date of birth 02.6.1995 ;PUNARPOOSAM STAR+4th pada of Kadagam Rasi.;Mandi in 10th place. What is wrong? What is Pariharam for this?
    By T B Hemalatha | Published 10 June, 2013 13:34:16 PM Reply
    time, date of birth and place of birth required.
    By vijay | Published 08 July, 2013 21:12:52 PM Reply
    One of my relative birth time little confuring Date of birth 23rd Dec 1989 Place of birth Namakkal Time of birth Sirodayamm 12.02 pm(afternoon) Actual Delivery:01.28 pm using forceups What is the correct Lagnmam -Meena or Mesha. Has Mandi any role to play in this regard
    By Narasimhan | Published 14 August, 2014 08:15:06 AM Reply
    My DOB 28/7/1973 morning 8:54am khammam A.P. job less past three years living on debts. Kindly guide me.
    By subhakar rao repaka | Published 08 September, 2014 13:04:17 PM Reply
    Respected sir
    Pls find my details as below and guide me
    DOB - 18th Nov 1974
    POB - Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
    TOB - 18th early hours - 3 am

    Career on rocks, need ur help... Mandi in 11 th house ... What does it signify ? ... Regards
    By srinivas rao | Published 17 August, 2013 23:08:54 PM Reply
    DOB 20/06/1999
    POB Chennai
    ToB 9.34 PM
    By S. Arjun Sarathy | Published 22 August, 2013 15:24:47 PM Reply
    there is a pariharam for maanthi in thiruvalangadu where the sivan is in the form of maanthieswarar because he was worshipped by maanthi. it is done on saturdays because he is the son of saturn.
    By krishna murali | Published 02 September, 2013 14:31:15 PM Reply
    dear sir,

    my DOB 08/01/1990 in nagercoil currently im live in madurai
    My chart shows presence of Maandi in the 2nd house. What kind of bad effects can it give. How do i get relief from its bad effects.
    By ramnath pandiaraj | Published 17 November, 2013 19:36:35 PM Reply
    Sir, please let me know in which house the mandi is placed in my horoscope.

    D.O.B: 25/04/1969
    Time of birth: 5.58 AM
    Place of Birth : Hyderabad
    By hymavathi | Published 29 November, 2013 04:48:16 AM Reply
    D.O.B.: 2/11/1955
    2:10 AM, Kolkata, WB

    Please mention about the houses Maandi & Gulika are placed and remedies.
    By Ashok Kumar | Published 11 May, 2014 01:47:12 AM Reply
    Date of birth: 05/Oct/1981
    Time: 13:12 hrs
    Plz tell remedy for getting married which is delayed perhaps due to Mandi in the 2nd place.
    By G Rajnikant | Published 11 May, 2014 09:38:53 AM Reply
    Date of birth: 15/Jan/1975
    Time: 13:30 pm
    Place:Near Karur(TamilNadu)
    What is my Family Deity and how to find out.
    By Janakiraman | Published 21 June, 2014 23:03:02 PM Reply
    My DOB 28/7/1973 morning 8:54am khammam A.P. job less past three years living on debts. Kindly guide me.
    By subhakar rao repaka | Published 08 September, 2014 13:06:14 PM Reply
    DOB: 06.04.1988 time 12.01 P.M Place: Bhayandar (Near Mumbai)
    Please advice on marriage and employment.
    By Ravikrishnan | Published 20 January, 2015 21:47:04 PM Reply
    job less past two years Kindly guide me. date of birth 14/05/1975 2:30am Gadag Karnatak
    By Kirankumar | Published 16 March, 2015 05:44:56 AM Reply

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