Gulika Mandi- A Tail Piece


Gulika which also known as 'mandi' is the offspring of Saturn or son of Manda. It is a very important pseudo planets according to the belief in South India especially in Kerala. Some consider Gulika and Mandi as different concepts.

Where do they fit in

Vedic astrology recognises a set of two non-luminous as shadowy planets. These are the most famous planets known as Rahu and Ketu which are located at the northern and southern nodes of the Moon. Two other planets which are referred in Vedic astrological literature as Mandi and Gulika are the non-luminous planets which have never been considered to have physical shape or form although Puranas have described them.


These are deemed to have the eclipsing function in our puranas and referred as ' swallowing ' the luminaries. We will just provide a little description of Mandi since it is very popular in Kerala. It is considered very important in Kundali, Prasna Kundali and selection of time muhurtha. It is also helpful in additionally judging a horoscope.


Mandi is the most evil planet among pseudo planets especially when it is associated with Saturn. The lord of the sign is occupied by Mandi which becomes malefic. Astrological works describe the effects of Mandi in each house as well as in conjunction with other planets.

Placement in Lagna

If Mandi is placed in Lagna, the native would be a thief, cruel and without humility. There may be possibilities of diseases and accidents of limbs. His eyes would be afflicted. He would not be of high intellect, would eat a lot and would never have happiness. He would be an atheist and will be attracted to wrong type of women.

Effect of Hastiness

If you find Mandi in Lagna please do not be hasty to attribute all the evils mentioned above to the native. These are only general possibilities and there must be other indications as well which have to be checked before coming to a conclusion. For example, for the affliction of the eye we must find how much the house representing the eyes and planets signifying the eyes are afflicted.

When Mandi is in conjunction with Sun, the native might suffer from ill health, insult his father, as well as teacher and he wont get help from others.

Death or Birth

Mandi is associated with the death of a native as well as his birth also. Most often, it is found that lagna would fall on the sign which may be a trine (5th or 9th) of Mandi’s place or the lord of Mandi’s sign.

Thus, Mandi is useful in astrological predictions, judgement of birth chart, finding muhurthas for various functions and in horary astrology.