Sthir Dasha

Many Dashas are used in Jaimini astrology. One of the main dasha among them is Sthir Dasha. The analysis of this Dasha is done to study unwanted happenings, health and negative information about life. It is very simple Dasha of Jaimini astrology. It can be used to study all the aspects of life. Jaimini Karakas are used to determine Stir Dasha like the way these are used to determine the Char Dasha.

To understand the order of Sthir Dasha, the determination of Brahma, Rudra and Maheshwar should be done first. Mathematical calculation is required to determine these three Dashas. This mathematical calculation is used to determine Brahma, Rudra and Maheshwar. In the coming chapters the calculation of Sthir Dasha will be explained to you in detail.

Determination of Brahma

To calculate Sthir Dasha in Jaimini astrology, first of all, the determination of Brahma should be done. To calculate this, we first have to decide that which planet is stronger between ascendant and the seventh house. To find out the strength of ascendant and the seventh house the Rashi Bala is calculated. On the basis of this calculation, the lord of sixth, eighth and twelfth house is studied from the house which has a stronger sign. The planet which is strongest among all the three lords of the sign will get the designation of Brahma.

Saturn is not given the designation of Brahma among all the planets when it falls in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house.

Determination of Rudra

The strengths of the lords of the second and eighth house from the ascendant is compared to calculate Rudra in Sthir Dasha. Whichever is a strong planet among these two is known as the Rudra of Kundali. Saturn is also included for the designation of Rudra.

Determination of Maheshwar

The analysis of the lord of the eighth house is done from Atmakaraka for the determination of Maheshwar in Atmakaraka. There is no need for any kind of mathematical calculation for the determination of Maheshwar. Any planet can become Maheshwar. The lord of the sign which comes in eighth house from the Atmakaraka becomes Maheshwar.

The mathematical calculation of Brahma will be explained to you in coming chapters.