Diwali Muhurat 2018 - Deepavali Shubh Muhurat - Deepawali Muhurat

Every year the festival of diwali is celebrated in India with a lot of splendor. Annually it is celebrated in the month of kartik during amavasya (no moon night). After a ten day war with Ravana, Ramji comes back safely to Ayodhya then it was the no moon day of kartik month, that day lamps were lit in every house, since then the festival has began to be celebrated as Diwali and with time too many things have been associated with this festival.

This year, this festival will be celebrated on November 7th, 2018.

Diwali Puja Muhurat

Lakshmi puja is the highlight of Deepawali. Therefore if you do puja on this auspicious day then it will remain in your vicinity. According to ‘Brahma Puran’ the midnight moon is the best to worship Mahalakshmi. If there is no moon till midnight then we should take Pradosha wyapini tithi. For Lakshmi puja and deep daan pradosh kaal is considered to be auspicious.

in 2018, Diwali will be on 7th November, Pradosh kal, auspicious Lagna and Chaughadia Muhurat have special significance in Diwali. The Diwali is considered auspicious for business man and people involved with dealings.


On 7th November 2018, Wednesday Pradosh Kaal will persist in Delhi and nearby areas from 17:30 to 20:11. This is known as Pradosh kaal. This time of pradosh kal is considered auspicious for performing Deepawali rituals. At this day Taurus ascendant will persist from 17:59 to 19:53. Prodosh kaal and sthir ascendant are considered auspicious.

Nishith Kaal

Nishith kaal, according to local state at this time there can be difference of few minutes. On 7th November nishith kaal will persist from 20:11 to 22:51. In nishith kaal, chaughdia will persist from 19:10 till 22:32. In such situation those in business will need to perform Goddess laxmi pujan for favorable time. Apart from this rog chaughdia will remain therefore char kaal pujan is must.

Maha Nishith Kaal

On 7th November 2018 at night from 22:51 till 25:31, mahanishith kaal will persist. If Cancer ascendant persists during or char ascendant of Mahanishith kaal then it is considered auspicious. Those who perform deepavali pujan as per the literatures then this time is considered best.