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Sati Anusuiya Jayanti - Anusuiya Jayanti 2016

Sati Anasuya Jayanti will be celebrated on 26th April, 2016. Anusuiya ji is considered to be a lady of high character and qualities. Anusuiya ji was one of the twenty four daughters of Daksha

Saint Valmiki Jayanti 2016 - Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti - Valmiki Jayanti 2016

Saint Valmiki was one of the most popular sage of ancient times. He he is well known for his contributions in ancient literatures. The epic scripture, Ramayana was composed by him. This is the reason

Dadhichi Jayanti - Dadhichi Jayanti 2016 - Dadhichi Rishi

Bhadrapad month ’s Ashtami is celebrated as Dadhichi Jayanti every year. According to legends, Saint Dadhichi donated his bones to protect devas. This year, Dadhichi jayanti will be celebrated on 9

Tulsidas Jayanti - Tulsidas Jayanti 2016 - Biography of Tulsidas

Tulsidas Jayanti is celebrated every year in the honor of Goswami Tulsidas. It is held on the seventh day after in the Shravan month. In 2016, Tulsidas Jayanti will be celebrated on 10 August Goswami

Bhrigu Samhita - Saint Bhrigu - Rishi Bhrigu

Bhrigu Samhita was composed by Saint Bhrigu. He attained knowledge on the effects of speed of planets and constellations on the human life and earth, and proposed his principles. After researching

Saint Jamdagni - Maharshi Jamadagni - Rishi Jamadagni

Jamdagni was born as a son to Bhrigu dynasty’s Trichik. Jamdagni is considered to be one of the Sapt Rishis (the seven great saints). He was married to King Prasenjit’s daughter, Renuka. Saint

Sage Parashara - Mahamuni Parasara - Parasara Muni - Rishi Parashara

Sage Parashara was one of the most popular saint of ancient times. He was well known for his work and contributions made in indian culture. Sage Parashar performed many special austerities and hard

Sage Ribhu - Saint Ribhu

Sage Ribhu was the son of Lord Brahma . Saint Ribhu was totally devoted and dedicated towards Lord Brahma. He was very skilled due to which is still considered to be one of the greatest saints. His

Sage Chayavana - Rishi Chyavan - Chyavana Maharshi

Sage Chayavana was born to Sage Bhrigu and Puloma. Sage Chayavana is counted among great saints who contributed significantly in the history of Hinduism. His thoughts and beliefs were adopted and

Saint Durvasa - Durvasa Maharishi - Durvasa Muni - Sage Durvasa

Saint Durvasa was an ancient saint. He occupies a predominant position in the history of sages. He is a well known sage of Satyug, Tretya Yug and Dwapar Yug. Saint Durvasa was an incarnation of Lord

Sage Aruni - Uddalak Aruni - Ved Aruni - Saint Uddalak Aruni

Sage Aruni was a skilled saint who always believed in principles and duties. Every one used to respect and praise Sage Aruni. Arunkopnishad and Kathupanishad also talk about the magnificence of Sage

Ravidas Jayanti । Sant Ravidas | Raidas | Ravidas Jayanti 2017

Ravidas holds an importance place among the sufis and saints of Indian origin. He is also known as Raidas. Ravidas belonged to the same period as Kabir. In 2017, Ravidas Jayanti will be celebrated on

Saint Ved Vyas | Sage Veda Vyasa | Maharishi Ved Vyas | Ved Vyas | Ved Vyas Biography

Saint Ved Vyas was one of the greatest Saints of Vedic times. He was the author of Mahabharata and witnessed incidents that changed the world. He had immense knowledge about religious texts, vedas
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