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Pishach Mochan Shraddha - Pishach Mochan Shraddha 2016

Pischach mochan shraddha is performed for the salvation of the soul of dead ancestors residing preta yoni. In the year 2016, Pishach mochan shraddha will be performed on 12th December. This shraddha

Tulsi Puja in Kartik Month - Tulsi Pooja

Each month comprises of something special and important. Tulsi Puja is considered to be very important in Kartik month . Its importance has also been explained in Puranas. Tulsi Puja is the basis for

Shraddha - Base To Get Relief From Pitra Dosha

It is believed that those who perform remedies for Pitra dosha shanti during shraddh gets relief from pitra dosha. There are many causes and remedies mentioned in shastras for pitra dosha. As per the

Mahalaya Shraddha - Chaturdashi Shraddh

In general, every Amavasya is dedicated to our ancestors. However, Amavasya in Ashwini month is considered to be very auspicious. This Amavasya is also known as Sarva Pitra Visarjani Amavasya or

Shraddh 2016 - Pitra Paksha - Kanagat

The time period between Bhadrapad poornima and Ashwin amavasya is observed as Shraddh every year. In 2016, the shraddha will begin on the poornima of Bhadrapad 16th to 30th September. In this period,

Bhadrapad Adhikmas Purnima - Bhadrapad Adhikmas

Adhikmas is in Bhadrapad month. This month’s Purnima is considered to be very important. This month’s Purnima is celebrated by taking a bath early in the morning and worshipping Lord Narayana with

Importance of Shravana Month - Shravana Month

Shravana month is also known as Masouttam. Each day of this month brings a new glory every morning. All the devotees can be seen worshipping Lord Shiva with immense faith and devotion. There have

Months of Chaturmas in 2014 - Chaturmas 2014 - Chaturmas Puja

In 2014, Devshayani Ekadashi will be observed on 8-9th July. It is believed that Lord Vishnu remains in deep meditation during the four months of chaturmas. Therefore, any kind of religious or

Chaturmas - Chaturmasya - Chatur Month

Chaturmas is a valuable time for saints, devotees and sadhus. It is believed that Lord Vishnu remains in deep meditation during the four months of chaturmas. These four months of ancient yagya is

Jalabhishek in Sawan Mas (Month of Monsoon)2016

During the Sawan Mas or the month of monsoon, a lot of devotees can be seen in temples devoted to Lord Shiva. Devotees bring water from various holy places and pour it on Lord Shiva’s idols in these

Ashada Adhik Maas Phal 2015 - Malmas 2015 - Purushottam Maas 2015

Hindu calendar is based on Lunar months. The month with the absence of Surya Sankranti or Sun’s solstice is known as Adhikmas. In the same way, the Lunar month which comprises of two Solstices is
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