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Chaitra Purnima and Hanuman Jayanti (South India)2016

The time is seen to be very different and auspicious on the day of chaitra purnima and Hanuman Jayanti. It is celebrated every year with great devotion and faith. This year, it would be celebrated on

Nav Samvatsar 2014 । Palvang Samvat

New samvat will start from chaitra shukla pratipada which will be a vikrami samvat just like the palvang. The entry time of Navsamvat will be on 30th March sunday at 12:15 at the time of Uttara

Ashwin Krishna Paksha Shraddh 2016 - Dates of Shradh in 2016

According to Hinduism Krishna Paksha of Ashwin Month is celebrated in the form of Shraddh. Description of Shraddh Sanskar can be found in many religious books of Hinduism. Shraddh Paksha is also

Ashada Adhik Maas Phal 2015 - Malmas 2015 - Purushottam Maas 2015

Hindu calendar is based on Lunar months. The month with the absence of Surya Sankranti or Sun’s solstice is known as Adhikmas. In the same way, the Lunar month which comprises of two Solstices is
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