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Diwali Muhurat 2013 - Deepavali Shubh Muhurat - Deepawali Muhurat

Every year the festival of diwali is celebrated in India with a lot of splendor. Annually it is celebrated in the month of kartik during amavasya (no moon night). After a ten day war with Ravana, Ramji comes back safely to Ayodhya then it was the no moon day of kartik month, that day lamps were lit in every house, since then the festival has began to be celebrated as Diwali and with time too many things have been associated with this festival.

This year, this festival will be celebrated on November 3, 2013. The day will be Sunday, it will be Swati Nakshatra and Ayushmaan yoga.

Diwali Puja Muhurat

Lakshmi puja is the highlight of Deepawali. Therefore if you do puja on this auspicious day then it will remain in your vicinity. According to ‘Brahma Puran’ the midnight moon is the best to worship Mahalakshmi. If there is no moon till midnight then we should take Pradosha wyapini tithi. For Lakshmi puja and deep daan pradosh kaal is considered to be auspicious.

This year Kartik amavasya is on 3 November from sunrise until 6:20 pm along with pradosh kaal, that is why this festival of lights will be celebrated on this day. Till 11:03 pm Swati Nakshatra will remain favourable. With the moon in Libra, the moon on amavasya will remain sacred. The moon on the day of deepawali, pradoshkal, Nishithkal and Mahanishithkal are especially important.


On 3 November prodoshkal will remain from sunset till 2 hours 24 minutes. The sunset differs at each place. therefore we can know the prodoshkal time by adding 2 hours 24 minutes in sunset. In Delhi the sunset will be at 17:33 and if we add 2 hours 24 minutes in it then it comes out to be 19:57 therefore prodoshkal will remain from sunset till 19:57 hours.

During the evening time from 06:15 till night 08:09 Taurus ascendant which is a stable ascendant, it will specially remain auspicious. In prodoshkal, due to the presence of taurus lagna, Swati Nakshatra in Libra having Sun and Moon it will be an extremely auspicious time. At this day from 17:35 to 19:14 it will be “shubh” chaugadia and then from 19:14 to 20:54 it will be “Amrit” chaugadia due to which there will be deep dan, kuber pujan, Srimahalakshmi pujan, Bahi khata pujan and it is favourable to lit lamps in your house and at religious places.

This year amavasya will remain until 18:20 hour. Therefore padoshkal will be of great importance and at this time you should begin the prayer.

Nishith Kaal

On 3 November, Nishithkal will remain from 20:12 to 22:51 in Delhi, that is why from 20:09 to 22:23 gemini lagna will remain moderate but after that night, Cancer lagna would do well till 24:46 in particular. From 20:54 till 22:33 pm the “Char” chaugadia will remain too good, but after this there will be Rog and Kaal chaugadia. In this period you should chant the srisukt, Kanakdhara stotra and Lakshmi stotra, etc. mantras and follow the rituals.

Maha Nishith Kaal

From 22:53 to midnight 25:32 it will be Mahanishthikal. During this period from night 22:53 till 24:46 it will be Cancer (karka) lagna and after that Leo (simha) lagna both of them will remain auspicious. But after 22:33 the chaugadia of Rog and Kaal will remain unlucky. That is why Mahalakshmi pujan should be done before 22:33. During Mahanishthkaal activities such as Srilakshmi, Mahashakti kali upasna, yantra, mantra, tantra are practiced.

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