Bhog Offered to Goddess During Navratri

navratri_prasad Navratri fastival continues for nine days. During this period, the different forms of Goddesses Parvati, Lakshami and Saraswati are worshipped respectively for three days each.

The Nine Forms of Goddess

In addition, the nine forms of Goddess Durga is also worshipped during this period of Navratra.

These nine forms of Mata is known by the name of Navdurga. The nine forms of Mata Durga which is worshipped during Navratra are: Shailputri on Pratipada; Brahmacharini on Dwitiya; Chandarghanta on Tritiya; Kushmanda on Chaturthi; Skand Mata on Panchami; Katyayani on Shashthi; Kaalratri on Saptami; Mahagauri on Ashtami and Siddhidatri on Navami.

After observing fast for nine days during Navratri, it is ended on Navami Tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha. All the fasts and festivals of Hindus are considered incomplete without offering Bhog. During the nine days of Navratra, different Bhog are offered everyday to the nine Goddesses. The different Bhog offered to the nine Goddesses during Navratri are:

Bhog offered to Maa Shailputri

First Navratra is celebrated on Pratipada of Shukla Paksha. On this day Maa Shailputri is worshipped. Mata Shailputri is a daughter of Himalaya and thus is called Shailputri. On this day fast is observed and pur Ghee is offered on the foot of Mother.This blesses the devotee with a disease free life.

Bhog Offered to Mata Brahmacharini

The second form, Mata Brahmacharini, of Mata Durga is worshipped on the Dwitiya of Ashwin month. This form of Goddess is like monastic. Mata Parvati meditated to get Lord Shiva as husband and due to this she is called Brahmacharini. On the second day of Navratra, Mata Brahmacharini is worshipped and fast is observed to get her blessings.

Sugar is offered as Bhog to Goddess Brahmacharini. This increases the longevity of the family members.

Bhog Offered to Mata Chandraghanta

Mata Chandra ghanta is worshipped on the third day on Navratra, i.e., Tritiya Tithi of Ashwin Shukla Paksha. The half form of Moon is existing on the head of Mata. Worshipping mata Chandraghanta fulfills all the wishes of the devotee and gets rid of all the worldly pains.

On this day, milk, sweets made of milk or Kheer is offered as a bhog to Mata Chandraghanta. While offerening Bhog to god, Brahmans are also fed and Dakshina is given. Offering Kheer to Mata Chandraghanta frees the person of all his pains and receives extreme joy and happiness.

Bhog Offered to Mata Kushmanda

The fourth day of Navratra is the day of worshipping Mata Kushmanda, the fourth form of Goddess Durga. According to a belief, the universe is formed from the abdomen of Mata Kushmanda. Observing fast on this day removes all the diseases and pains of the devotee.

After worshipping, Mata Kushmanda is offered Malpua as Bhog. Distributing this sacrament in the temples are also considered auspicious. Offering Malpua as Bhog pleases the Goddess and improves the intellect and decision makeing ability of the devotee.

Bhog Offered to Mata Skandmata

Mata Skandmata is worshipped on the fifth date of Navratra. Skandmata is the mother of Kumar Kartikeya. Worhsipping this form of Mata fulfills all the wishes of the devotee.

Banana is offered to the Goddess as Bhog. Offering Banana to the goddess keeps the physique healthy.

Mata Katyayani - Bhog Offered

Mata Katyayani is the sixth form of Mata Durga and is worshipped on Shashthi date of Ashwin month. Mata Katyayani is the daughter of Sage Katyayan. On getting pleased with the meditation of sage Katyayan, Mata took birth as his daughter and thus she is called Katyayani.

On this day, Honey is offered as Bhog to Maa Katyayani. This makes the devotee more attractive.

Bhog Offered to Mata Kaalratri

mata Kaalratri is worshipped on the saptami date of Navratri. This form of Maata Durga is a remover of all the evil powers and thus is called by the name of Kalratri. On this day fast is observed whole day and then Jaggery is offered as Bhog to the Mata.

This Bhog is also given to Brahman along with Dakshina. Worshipping the Goddess in this way relieves the devotee from all his pains and also reduces the abrupt pains that may arise.

Bhog Offered to Mata Mahagauri

On the day of Durga Ashtami, the eighth form of Mata, Mahagauri is worshipped. Due to her fair complexion she was named Mahagauri. Worshipping this form og Goddess pleases her and blesses the devotee with success in all his works.

On this day Coconut is offered to the Goddess as Bhog. There is also a tradition of donating Coconut to the Brahmans. Goddess Mahagauri fulfills the wishes of childless couples with child.

Goddess Siddhidatri - Bhog Offered

On the ninth day of Navratra, Mata Siddhidatri is worshipped. Mata Siddhidatri is said to fulfill all types of wishes. She is also called the Goddess of Siddhi(accomplishement). Offering Til as a Bhog after observing fast and worshipping, is considered auspicious on this day. This fast relieves the person from the fear of death and prevents from any unlikely incident. The nine days of Mata is considered the most auspicious of the year. As Navratra comes twice a year, so 18 days holds a place of great religious and spiritual importance in India.

Incarnation of Maa Durga - Mythological Facts

According to a mythological story, to free the Gods from the terror of the Demons, the mouth of Mata Durga appeared from splendor of Lord Shiva; the hairs appeared from the magnificence of Yamraj; the arms from Lord Vishnu; the breasts from Moon and waist from Indra. The magnificence of Varun created the thighs and calf; Navel(Umbilical Chord) from Earth; foot from the magnificence of Brahma; fingers appeared from the splendor of Sun; nose appeared from the magnificence of Kuber; teeth and the three eyes from Agni and eye brows from Vayu. In the same way the other body parts of the Goddess Durga are also formed.

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