Famous Stories Associated with Holika Dahan

holika_kathaThere are many stories linked to Holika Dahan. Out of which, some famous stories are as follows. Stories may be mythological, religious or social, but all have some or the other lessons in them. So, lessons given in natural story form should be put up in our lives. This way a person gets a new direction in his/her life. One of the most famous story related to Holika Dahan is of Hiranyakashayap and his son Prahlad.

Holika Story of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad

King Hiranyakashyap, started thinking of himself as God due to his ego. He wanted everyone to worship him but, his own son Prahlad was the supreme devotee of Lord Vishnu. Even after father’s explanation, son did not stop worshiping Vishnu ji, then Hiranyakashyap, ordered to burn him in fire as a sort of punishment. For this he asked his sister Holika to take Prahlad and sit in burning fire. Because Holika had a boon, of not getting burnt in fire.

The order was followed, Holika sat in fire with Prahlad. But, it was surprising to see that Holika got burnt and Prahlad was safe by Narian’s blessings. Seeing this, Hiranyakashyap got more angry over his son. Hiranyakashyap had a blessing that he can’t be killed in morning or night, he can not die on earth, sky or hell, he can’t be killed by any human, animal or any bird. so, God chose evening time in order to kill him and he came in a carnation of half body of lion and half of human- Narsingh Avatar. Lord Narsingh killed Hiranyakashyap, neither on ground nor in sky, but, on his lap. This way, the good defeated the evil.

This story lays a virtuous lesson that Prahlad was in favour of religion and on the other hand Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika used wrong policies to work. Finally, by God’s grace, the wrong doing and people who supported them, came to an end. From this story, each person should have a learning that Prahlad was a symbol of love, affection, believer of his God, strong assurance and unshakable faith in God. On the other hand, Hiranyakashyap and Holika symbolised the hatred and immorality.

The point to be noticed here is that being theist dose not mean this. When ever you keep full faith and trust in God, he does come for our help in one or the other form.

Shiva-Parvati Story of Holika Dahan

According to a mythological story, in the ancient time, daughter of Himalaya, Parvati had a wish that she should get married to Lord Shiva only. All Gods also wanted Goddess Parvati only to marry Lord Shiva. But, Lord Shiva always used to be busy in deep meditation. In this situation, it was getting difficult for Goddess Parvati to keep her marriage proposal in front of Shiva ji.

In this work, Parvati ji asked for help from Kaamdev. At first instance Kaamdev got terrified listening that he has to break the meditation of Lord Shiva. But on Parvati ji’s request, he agreed to do this task. In order to interrupt Lord Shiva’s meditation, Kaamdev left a love arrow on Lord. Breaking of austerity, made Lord Shiva very angry. He opened he third eye and turned Kaamdev to ashes. After which Shiva ji married Goddess Parvati. The festival of Holika Dahan is related to the burning of Kaamdev. Hence, importance of this festival is that, a person should burn his desires with the burning of Holika. And, rise above your wants to lead a good life.

Holika Story of Narad and Yudhisthira

According to mythology, one day Sri Narad ji requested Yuddhisthira that Rajan, on the day of Falgun Purnima, all people should get Abheydan. So that, everyone can at least be happy once on a same day and celebrate it. Yuddhisthira said that whoever celebrates this festival with happiness and joy, his sins will get destroyed. Since that day, enjoying and playing Holi is deemed important on the day of Purnima.

The Custom of Worshipping Lord Vishnu in a Hammock

As per a story associated with Holi, it’s believed that on Falgun Purnima, people who with full devotion and concentration make lord Vishnu swing in a hammock and worship him are said to attain paradise.

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