Ketu in Cancer

With Ketu in Cancer, the shadow planet is usually in an unpleasant appearance. This is because of the negative impact that will be reflected upon the natives of this combination. Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer. Ketu and Moon are natural enemies. Therefore, this position can be quite unpleasant for Cancer natives.

With the presence of Ketu in Cancer, a person’s inner sensitivity will be intensified. Such a person would always crave for emotional support, security and stability. Due to this, most of the people with Ketu in Cancer don’t find it easy to trust anyone. They are usually detached from the people around them and their surroundings. People with Ketu in Cancer may have an unstable mind and fluctuating life.

People with Ketu in Cancer can sometimes be very self centered. They may also be inclined towards a comfortable and materialistic life. Most of these people are usually not satisfied with almost everything throughout their life.

Cancer is believed to be the sign of emotions. Ketu in Cancer will control your emotions in every possible way. However, with Ketu in Cancer, a person is able to feel all kinds of emotions in a balanced manner. Such a person does not rigidly control his emotions.

When Ketu is benefic in Cancer, the person will fear God. Such a person will also be lucky for his Guru as well as father. Such a person is also blessed with a son. However, this will only happen if he is blessed by his Guru. His son will live a long life. With Ketu in Cancer, a person will leave all his decisions to God. If Moon is in 3rd or 4th house, Ketu in Cancer will be benefic.

With Ketu in Cancer, a person gives very sound advice. Such a person never has any shortage of money. If Ketu is malefic in Cancer, the person may be very unhealthy. Such a person’s mother may be troubled and there may be loss of happiness. A person with Ketu in Cancer may suffer from diabetes. Such a person’s son is born after 36 years of age. Such a person may have more daughters than sons.

Usually, Ketu in Cancer is considered to be inauspicious. Such a person may be deprived of maternal love. He may even settle in a foreign country. Such a person will notice sudden chages in his life during Ketu’s dasha.

Remedies for Ketu in Cancer

  • You should keep a dog.
  • You should wear Silver. It will provide peace of mind.
  • You should offer yellow things in flowing water.


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