Birth Chart Calculator

A birth chart is also known as Janma Kundali in Indian astrology. A birth chart calculator helps to gather information about a person and make predictions on the basis of astronomical locations at the precise time of a person’s birth. With an accurate knowledge of time, year and place of birth, a person can get to know a lot about his personality through a birth chart calculator.

A birth chart calculator also helps to outline the possibilities of various planets at the time of an individual’s birth. Moreover, it also helps to analyze rising Ascendants in a person’s birth chart. One does not need to be an astrological expert to use a birth chart calculator. All you need is the exact date, time and place of birth.

The location and time of an individual’s birth play a very important role in respect of his planetary positions. A birth chart calculator also takes into account moon sign, sun sign and ascendant sign. A birth chart calculator makes use of planetary positions on that particular day. A birth chart forms the basis for astrological predictions.

According to Indian astrology, planets inhibit twelve different astrological signs. A person’s birth sign or Janma rashi is the sign in which Moon is placed. The star constellation in which Moon finds itself is called Janma Nakshatra. The nine planets in astrology have relevance to the different aspects and houses in a person’s birth chart. Sun and Moon always own one house each. Other planets may or may not rule different houses.

The planets in combination with Nakshatras, houses, aspects etc. define the qualities, characteristics, traits and potentialities in an individual. A birth chart calculator also tells us about exalted and debilitated planets. Exalted and debilitated planets affect our energy level. They also affect the natural energy level contained by a specific planet.

Astrobix provides a birth chart calculator which is very easy to use. Even an amateur can use it without any problems. All you need to do is enter your date of birth, your accurate time of birth and your place of birth. This will help us to generate your birth chart with the help of a birth chart calculator. Our birth chart calculator also finds the position of planets, Sun and Moon at the time of your birth. When you use our birth chart calculator, we will generate a Vedic astrology based birth chart. We create North as well as South Indian charts as per your preference.


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