Antardasha of Ketu - Ketu Antardasha - Effect of Ketu Antardasha

Ketu is considered to be the half portion of Rahu. It is believed that after the battle between the Devas and the demons, lord Vishnu cut off Rahu’s head with his Sudarshan chakra. The head came to be known as Rahu and the rest of the body came to be known as Ketu. Ketu’s Adhidevta is Chitraketu and Pratyadhi Devta is Brahma. It is said that the Mahadasha of Ketu is of 7 years and considered to be one of the most inauspicious period of a native’s life.

During the period of Ketu, Mahadasha a person mostly experiences unhappiness. He may face physical, emotional and social hardships. Such a person may even indulge in sinful activities creating further problems in life. Hardships might mostly be caused by people who are in the place of authority. One must be careful of thefts, poisons, weapons, fire and water elements. Friends may prove to be backstabber which can affect your reputation in the social circle as well. Beware of a good friend backstabbing you. There shall be no relief on the marriage front as well. You can face problems that are related to your spouse and children. There shall be loss in wealth and accidents during the Antardasha of Ketu.

This might sound a bit over exaggerated but one must be careful in this period. During this period there may be loss of happiness, fear of vehicles, fire and public criticism. Children and the spouse may be fearful, there may be conflicts with family members and mother, and subsequent unhappiness. Food, land and house may be attained. Therefore, overall it is a period of intense bad luck so be careful.

Effect of Ketu Antardasha on the native’s life

If your Ketu is in your eighth and twelfth house then it is a mixed bag for you. On one hand you may suffer from diseases of teeth, cheeks and urine. You will also lose your friends, wealth and in worst cases you are in danger of losing your father too. So be alert. But, a foreign trip is on your cards.

If you are the “lucky one” then your Ketu might be in sahaja, ari, karma or labha( position of planet ketu). This will bring happiness related to your wife, gain of friends, wealth and clothes. You may also become famous!

If Ketu is afflicted in your case and is the lord of yuvati or dhana then a premature death is predicted.

Effect of Ketu Antardasha on the native’s health

If your Ketu is very weak then it shows health problems like wounds, diseases related to spine, nervous and central system, ulcers, fever, intestinal diseases, mental instability, skin diseases, inflammation and low blood pressure. If your Ketu is in debilitated Rashi or if Ketu is in Randhr or Vyaya along with Grah then it may lead to heart diseases, destruction of wealth, castles. There might also be problems with the wife or children.

Ketu in Vedic Astrology


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  • diapp on 12 October, 2012 20:20:50 PM
    What about ketu in 4th house and rahu mahadasha and ketu antrasdasha
  • raghavendra rao on 27 March, 2013 09:35:14 AM
    D.O.B-29.04.1963. T.O.B-05.22 AM.P.O.B-bnimavaram,west godavari dist.andhrapradesh.
    ketu mahadasa-rahu antardasa-remidies.
  • nomita Mishra on 16 July, 2013 13:47:19 PM
    my dob is 23rd feb 1978 , TOB 6:35 PM Mangal mahadasa-ketu antardasa REMIDIES
  • gyan prakash sahoo on 10 August, 2013 18:29:30 PM
    MY dob is 15.09.1976 at 8 pm sambalpur (orissa)and now i am going through jupitor mahadasa and ketu antardasa . so pls suggest some remedies for better result.
  • Krishnaswamy on 07 September, 2013 15:09:28 PM
    My DOB is 16-11-1963, TOB 12:45 AM @MUMBAI.
    5TH House KETU ,Currently undergoing Ketu Mahadasha.Pls suggest remedies for the remaining period of Ketu Dasha upto 3-12-2017.
  • alok on 16 October, 2013 10:44:54 AM
    my dob.8 december 1954 time 11.54pm birth place JABALPUR (mp) presently SHANI mahadasha is running next year Ketu antardash will begin I would like to know the effect & any precaution if needed to ward off its illeffect.
  • Satyendra on 11 November, 2013 16:01:37 PM
    My mother DOB is 17-07-1937 & TOB is 05:37
    POB is Shimoga, Karnataka

    Her health is not good in these days
    I would like to know the condition of her health in coming two years

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