Rhodochrosite Gemstone Meaning | Rhodochrosite - Metaphysical, Healing Properties.

May 13, 2011 19:04  cyrilgupta
Rhodochrosite is an excellent conductor of energy. This stone is said that it has power to straighten the balance of the body, the spirit, and feelings. [More]

Amala Yoga in Astrology | Saraswati Yoga | Papadhi Yoga | Sinhashan Yoga

May 13, 2011 03:05  cyrilgupta
Amala Yoga is knows by many names . Some people call it by the name if Amal Yoga. This yoga brings stability of mind in a person. The person with this Yoga , is stable in nature. [More]

The Moon in Astrology/ Know your Planets-Moon / Which is the Vedic Mantra of the moon

May 13, 2011 02:23  cyrilgupta
The moon represents the Mother in the class of heavenly bodies. In the body, it is given the place of the heart. Along with this, the moon keeps a control on the emotions of a person. It is called the body of water extracts. All the different kinds of fluids are said to be affected by it. Other than these, in astrology the moon predicts the future of the life of an individual in the areas of salt,... [More]

Shankh Yoga | Dhanush Yoga । How is Paash Yoga Formed । How is Daam Yoga Formed । How is Veena Yoga Formed

May 13, 2011 02:19  cyrilgupta
  Shankh Yoga is considered in one of the best Knowledge related Yogas. It is considered similar to Saraswati Yoga in regard to benefits. A person having both of these Yogas in his Kundali is immensely talented, qualified, skilled and intelligent. Other people also benefit from such a person. How is Shankh Yoga Formed  When the fifth lord and the sixth lord are placed in Kendra house ... [More]

Viparita Raja Yoga | When Vipreet Raj Yoga is formed | What is Vipreeta Raja Yoga | Harsh Vipreet Raj Yoga

May 13, 2011 02:16  cyrilgupta
According to the Jyotisha Shastra , 6th , 8th and 12th house has always been criticized. It is even said , that if one of this house gets into the other house , then it can be inauspicious for the person. [More]

Bhrigu Samhita - History of Astrology | Bhragu Smriti | Bhaskar Acharya

May 13, 2011 01:29  cyrilgupta
Rishi Bhragu is one of the 18 Rishi’s(saints), who contributed in evolution of astrology. Bhrigu Samhita , is one of the significant Grantha written by Rishi Bhragu. [More]

Chrysocolla Gemstone - Chrysocolla Metaphysical Properties

May 13, 2011 00:02  cyrilgupta
It is a copper bearing mineral found wherever copper deposits occur especially in areas of the southwestern USA, Chili, Zaire, Australia, France and England. [More]

Diopside Gemstone | Diopside - Metaphysical Properties | Diopside - Healing Properties

May 12, 2011 22:27  cyrilgupta
Diopside stone is a calcium magnesium silicate mineral of the group pyroxene. Diopside occurs in white to light green, darker green, gray or greenish black, reddish brown and yellow-brown. The energy of this mineral depends upon the hue. [More]

Garuda Yoga | Chandradhi Yoga | Karika Yoga | How is Dhwaja Yoga Formed

May 12, 2011 21:21  cyrilgupta
The less the inauspicious yoga are in the kundali, the better it is. Auspicious Yoga brings in the wealth, health, joy , in the person's life. When the auspicious yoga are more in numbers , they can also shadow the effect of inauspicious yoga's.Garuda Yoga is one of the auspicious yoga. [More]

Chalcedony Gemstone | Chalcedony Meaning - Calcedony

May 12, 2011 19:08  cyrilgupta
Chalcedony is a very fine-grained (cryptocrystalline) variety of the silica mineral quartz. It has a waxy luster and appears in a great variety of colors including blue, white, light tan, gray, yellow, pink, red, or milky brown. [More]

Chrysoprase Gemstone - Can I Wear Chrysoprase - Yellow Chrysoprase - Metaphysical Properties Of Chrysoprase

May 12, 2011 19:05  cyrilgupta
Chrysoprase is a green variety of cryptocrystalline quartz. Chrysoprase strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness. [More]

Dioptase Gemstone | Dioptase - Metaphysical Properties | Dioptase - Healing Crystal

May 12, 2011 19:03  cyrilgupta
Dioptase is an emerald green silicate of copper. Dioptase is a powerful stone to awaken love and compassion and to heal emotional distress. [More]

Chandra Mangal Yoga | How is Chandra Mangal Yoga Formed | Chandra Mangal Yoga Result | Mahabhagya Yoga

May 12, 2011 02:14  cyrilgupta
Moon is the Karak of liquid money. Mars represent courage and enthusiasm. This Yoga gives a person opportunity to earn money through courageous works. [More]

Kemadruma Yoga Result | How is Kemadruma Yoga Formed | Kemadruma Bhanga Yoga

May 12, 2011 01:20  cyrilgupta
In astrology, Moon is said to be the Karak of mind. It is found that a lonely mind thinks unnecessary things. In such a situation, person starts getting worried. [More]

Citrine Gemstone - Metaphysical Properties Of Citrine

May 11, 2011 23:59  cyrilgupta
The citrine gemstone is a warm and beautifully golden stone of quartz. It is called the Merchant’s Stone. The most valuable citrine is of a very dark orange color, perfect clarity, perfect cut and is over 10 carats.

Aventurine Upratna - Green Aventurine - Blue Aventurine

May 11, 2011 20:11  cyrilgupta
Aventurine is a soft green semi-translucent to mostly opaque stone And is said to increase confidence. It is also considered an all purpose healing stone. [More]

Andalusite Gemstone | Andalusite - Metaphysical Properties

May 11, 2011 20:02  cyrilgupta
Andalusite frequently shows two or more colors at the same time. Andalusite is used in metaphysical works to calmly see the various parts of one's character without bias. [More]

Benitoite Gemstone - Properties Of Benitoite

May 11, 2011 19:47  cyrilgupta
Benitoite is an extremely rare natural gemstone, that was first discovered in the year 1906. Benitoite is a wonderous stone of higher communication. [More]

Ametrine Gemstone - Ametrine Meaning

May 11, 2011 19:37  cyrilgupta
Ametrine is a rare and unusual stone. Ametrine is a relatively new stone. The world's only source of this bicolored natural quartz is the Anahi Mine located in the jungles of Bolivia. [More]

Cassiterite Gemstone/ Cassiterite-Metaphysical properties

May 10, 2011 03:07  cyrilgupta
Cassiterite is a rare natural gemstone. Cassiterite is the most important ore that occurs from tin and is marked with high durability. [More]

Cassiterite Gemstone/ Cassiterite-Metaphysical properties

May 10, 2011 03:07  cyrilgupta
Cassiterite is a rare natural gemstone. Cassiterite is the most important ore that occurs from tin and is marked with high durability. [More]

Scorpio Sign Meaning | Scorpio - An Introduction । Who is the Lord of the Scorpio sign

May 10, 2011 02:51  cyrilgupta
The Scorpio sun sign has been mentioned as a mysterious sign in Astrology. People born under this sign are of mysterious nature. [More]

Libra Sign Meaning | Libra - An Introduction | Which is the lucky stone for the Libra people

May 10, 2011 02:18  cyrilgupta
People of the Libra sign are extremely attractive. They can easily tackle even the most difficult situations. [More]

Rishi Putra - History of Astrology | Rishi Putra Shakun Shastra| Aryabhatt Astrology Explanation

May 10, 2011 01:04  cyrilgupta
Rishi Putra was the son of Rishi Garg. Like his father, he was a scholar of astrology. He wrote many texts on astrology. [More]

Rishi Garg - History of Astrology | Garga Samhita | Narad Puran

May 10, 2011 00:39  cyrilgupta
The list of famous 18 Rishi of astrology include the name of Garg Rishi. He did significant work in the field of Ayurveda and Vastu Shastra. [More]

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