Trine House | Trikon Bhav | Kona Bhav | Analysis of Trine Houses

June 22, 2011 22:05  astrowriter3
Trine houses are known as the house of Laksmi. An individual acquires wealth in the Dasha/Antardasha of the Trine houses, when the lord of Trine houses in Kundali are forming auspicious relationships. [More]

Introduction to Horary Astrology(Prasna Tantra) | Predictive Astrology | Electional Astrology

June 22, 2011 21:00  astrowriter3
Horary Astrology is based on the set of the moment the query is raised. The base of calculation in the horary Astrology is, the time query is put, as it is the time when the intention or the desire takes birth in the mind of the querent. [More]

Romantic Astrology | Romantic Horoscope | Astrology love and Romance

June 22, 2011 10:00  astrowriter3
Every Zodiac sign has peculiar features and trait which if known can make us understand an individual better.Let us try to understand the Romantic Horoscopes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces . [More]

Medicinal Properties of Gemstone | Ash of Ruby | Ash of Pearl | Ash of Coral

June 22, 2011 02:03  astrowriter3
The important facts about the nine gemstones are available in both Astrology and Ayurveda. These nine gemstones are used as medicines in Ayurveda. The methods of using gemstones as medicines are provided in Vedic scriptures. [More]

Yogas For Achieving Success In Films

June 22, 2011 00:59  astrowriter3
Yogas for achieving success in Films. [More]

Swami Vivekananda- A Horoscopic View | Swami Vivekananda- A Great Thinker

June 21, 2011 12:30  astrowriter3
Swami Vivekananda was born in an affluent family in Kolkata on 12 January 1863. His father,Vishwanath Datta, was a successful attorney with interests in a wide range of subjects, and his mother, Bhuvaneshwari Devi, was endowed with deep devotion, strong character and other qualities. [More]

Astrology and Profession | Astrology and Occupation | Career and Astrology

June 21, 2011 12:00  astrowriter3
Astrology plays a vital role in ascertaining the profession on the basis of the horoscope chart drawn. The most important analysis of horoscope is the interpretation or the determination of profession or occupation of an individual. [More]

Astrology and Career | Important Role in Career Planing | Opting Right Career Stream

June 20, 2011 18:00  astrowriter3
Career Streams can be decided on the basis of the most powerful planets or group of planets and understanding the traits of the planets. [More]

Astrology - To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed | Astrology is a Science

June 20, 2011 17:00  astrowriter3
Astrology is a science that describes the influence of heavenly bodies on human life and disposition. If we say knowledge is power then Astrology is the master key to unlock. It is a science of tendencies and predictions. [More]

Bharani Nakshatra | Personality Characteristics of Bharani Nakshatra | Bharani Nakshatra - Profession

June 16, 2011 01:18  astrowriter3
Bharani Nakshatra comes in Aries sign. This nakshatra of Aries begins from 13 degrees and 20 minutes and remains till 26 degree and 40 minutes. Venus is the lord of Bharani nakshtra. [More]

Ashwini Nakshatra | Ashwini Nakshatra Characteristics | Ashwini Nakshatra Profession

June 12, 2011 00:20  astrowriter3
Ashwini Nakshatra is the Nakshatra of Ketu. Ketu is a mysterious planet. It is categorized under Gandmool Nakshatra. [More]

Activities Related to Tithis | Meaning of Tithis

June 9, 2011 21:34  astrowriter3
Tithis play an important role in astrology. There is no Muhurta without Tithi. The Muhurtas of different activities has been classified according to Tithis. [More]

Kunzite Gemstone Meaning | Kunzite - Metaphysical And Healing Ability

June 8, 2011 23:56  astrowriter3
The Kunzite gemstone is generally found in larger sizes of upto 8 carats. Kunzite refers to pink-to-lilac color Spodumene. Hiddenite is the name for green Spodumene. [More]

Basic Nature Of The Nakshatras | Dhruv Nakshatra | Char Nakshatra | Ugra nakshatra

June 8, 2011 00:02  astrowriter3
If a person’s Janam Nakshatra is influenced by malefic planets or if it is weak, a person’s nature and character also show negative results. [More]

Adhanadi Nakshatra Meaning | Janma Nakshatra | Karma Nakshatra | Vainashik Nakshatra

June 7, 2011 01:33  astrowriter3
Janma nakshatra, karma nakshatra, Vainashik nakshatra, Adhaan nakshatra, Samudayik nakshatra, Sanghatik nakshatra and ,Manas sangyak nakshatra are called "Adhanadi Nakshatras." [More]

5th House - Santan Bhav Meaning | Prem Bhava Meaning | Fifth House in Horoscope | 5th House in Indian Astrology

June 6, 2011 18:20  astrowriter3
The fifth house is also called Prem Bhava. It is the house of learning and is known as Trikona bhava or Panfar bhava. [More]

Petalite Gemstone Meaning | Petalite - Stone Of The Angels | Petalite - Metaphysical, Healing Ability

June 4, 2011 18:20  astrowriter3
Petalite is beneficial for opening to a higher vibration and forming an angelic connection. It allows the wearer to experience the Earth, and to tap into heavenly realms through messengers, bringing calm and peacefulness while assisting to remain centered. [More]

Malachite Gemstone | Malachite - Metaphysical Properties | Malachite - Healing Ability

June 4, 2011 18:20  astrowriter3
Malachite is a famous and very popular semi-precious stone. It is named for the Greek word for "mallow", a green herb. Malachite is a light to dark green color with black bands and swirls, creating a marbled effect. [More]

Sphene Gemstone | Titanite Gemstone | Metaphysical Properties Of Sphene Or Titanite | Healing Ability Of Sphene

June 3, 2011 00:10  cyrilgupta
Sphene is also known as "titanite" due to its titanium content. Sphene has been named from the greek word wedge, because of its typical wedge shaped crystal. This is a powerful crystal to use in mediation as it will help you in number of ways. [More]

Manu-Samhita | History of Astorlogy | What is Manusmriti । Surya Pragyapati।

June 2, 2011 02:16  cyrilgupta
In the history of astrology Manu Rishi has been offered great respect. He composed many astrological Granthas, along with many religious granthas. Manusmriti and Manu Sanhita are some of the popular Grantha’s composed by him. [More]

Karma Bhava Meaning | Dasham House in Horoscope | 10th House0 in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:26  cyrilgupta
The tenth house is a house of occupation and work.This house is the source of person's livelihood.It presents the popularity of a person.The tenth house indicates the person's business. [More]

Bhagya Bhava Meaning | Navam House in Horoscope | 9th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:20  cyrilgupta
Ninth house is the house of religion.This house represents the fortune.Other than this the ninth house is also a house of father and boy child.The religious belief of a person is depicted by this house.Ninth house interprets and defines the lord of a person. [More]

Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:16  cyrilgupta
The sixth house in Vedic astrology is also known as Rog Bhava, Trik Bhava, Duhsthana, Upchaya, Apokalim and Trishadya Bhava. If this house is weak, then is not considered good. [More]

Jaya Bhava Meaning | Seventh House in Horoscope | 7th House in Indian Astrology

May 31, 2011 20:11  cyrilgupta
The seventh house is the house of marriage.It is also known as Vivah Bhava or Jaya Bhava. It describes the spouse.Other than this it also represents the desire of sex, marriage, foreign countries etc. [More]

Saint Vedvyas - The History of Astrology | Kashyap Rishi

May 28, 2011 20:37  cyrilgupta
The saint Vedvyas is considered the son of saint Parashara. The astrology which is used in modern age is a part of Parashari astrology. [More]

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Calcite Gemstone Meaning, Calcite - Metaphysical And Healing Properties, Blue Calcite, Colorless Calcite

Calcite Gemstone Meaning, Calcite - Metaphysical And Healing Properties, Blue Calcite, Colorless Calcite

May 14, 2011 19:48  cyrilgupta

Calcite“Calcite” word is found from a mixture of Latin and Greek word. This gemstone is found in the form of  limestone and marble. One can see double refraction in coloured Calcite and Optic Calcite. If you keep a Calcite on a written word, then the word will appear dual on seeing it through the Calcite. It releases two rays of light , and creates dual image.Many people use it to show magic and create magical effect. 

Since ancient times , this gemstone has been majorly used in medical field.This gemstone can be used in many forms and is naturally available in many colours.

Metaphysical And Healing Properties Of Calcite

Normally Calcite increases the level of energy and protects the holder. It also brings purity to the human mind and soul and provides inner peace to the person. Calcite is found in many colours and have many amazing qualities.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite , bring stability in a person and makes the person modest. It keeps the person calm , and helps the holder to gain self-confidence. It increases intelligence in a person and relaxes the nervous system.It makes the person active ad removes the feeling  of laziness. Blue Calcite is beneficial for students, as it helpful to keep them interested in studies and helps them to remember the learnt lessons and never forget them.

Blue Calcite, is beneficial in maintaining good communication between the holder and the opposing party , which helps to make easy negotiations.It develops the mental ability of the holder and makes him aware of the sensible world. The energy released by this gemstone is receptive. Its element is water. It balances the emotional state of a person and is helpful in removing obstacles.

Blue Calcite , controls the level of metabolism and makes the immune system strong. It overcomes the problems related to heart , and controls the blood pressure. It also gives relief from body pain.

Colorless Calcite

Colorless Calcite helps to see the images clearly , in the times when someone tries to hide something behind the speech of communication.It helps to absorb calcium. It works towards increasing the intense energy in the holder.It is believed that Colorless Calcite makes a person optimistic and increase in spiritual growth.It keeps the environment pure and clean and is helpful making the global green.

Colorless Calcite reduces physical stress and is good for the health of eyes.It gives relief from the problems related to eyes. It also prevents from Migraine.

White Calcite 

White Calcite increases the memory power of a person.It is helpful in medical treatments and increases the ability to travel.It increases the potential to think and make decisions.It is a wonderful mineral for medical practise.It maintains coordination between the mind and the body and helps in meditating.White Calcite keeps the body fluids under control.

Green Calcite 

The holder does not suffer from lack of funds.It brings success, prosperity, trade and provides all sorts of physical objects . It makes the holder practical and encourages him to express his emotions.It increases the ability to be successful in all walks of life. It increases intuition and psychic abilities.

Green Calcite has been given an significant place in medical field.It helps to motivate immune system.It absorbs all the negative energy ,such as arthritis, or any disease that is bacterial infection.It adjusts the bones properly, and encourages the smooth functioning of muscles , heart and  other body parts.     

Yellow Or Honey Calcite

Yellow Calcite is very useful for the holder.It explains life and events related to it.It stimulates the intellect. It holds the intellectual ideas of the holder and maintains normal energy. It increases the personal powers and the feeling of self-worth. Honey Calcite , very easily increases the energy in a holder and helps to fight the every day life’s challenges. It increases mental abilities and provides higher consciousness level.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite controls emotions  and gives relief from stress and fear .It minimises the problems of the holder , so that he can use his entire potential to get success.It draws all kinds of unreasonable fear and maintains mental and emotional balance.It is helpful in removing the spirit of suspicion and provides energy. 

This gemstone controls the reproductive organs and prevents  the problem related to them from coming to the holder. It prevents the progression of mucus and helps to overcome the problems of intestine.It prevents disorders of the gallbladder bile 

Red Calcite 

This is an energetic Gemstone.It prevents the toxic substances from entering the body. It also prevents the negative emotions in mind and the body.It helps to increase the will power of a person and stabilises the internal energy.It helps solve problems and attracts love. It is helpful to overcome the fear and especially helps those individuals who in their everyday routine fight over situations.

It is available in Red and Brown colour and helps in smooth functioning of metabolism system.

Pink Mangano Calcite(Magnesium Calcite)

The energy of this gemstone is receptive , and belongs to water element. Some people use this gemstone in Reiki treatment.This gemstone is gentle but contains powerful energy. This gemstone has amazing medicinal and spiritual qualities which makes it useful for Reiki .It is identified due to its amazing properties.It gives peace just by keeping it in hand. It helps the holder to maintain focus on his  ideas and be down to earth.This gemstone can be used to get back the lost love.

Violet Calcite

It makes the holder feels very cool and gives the sense of pleasant feeling. It controls the hyperactive emotions.It helps maintain peace and harmony in mind

Mangano Calcite 

It is a profitable gemstone.It controls. It awakens the feeling of love for self and and for others.It prevents from the harassment. It helps in achieving respect and love for the holder. It provides nutrition and motivates the holder to take care of themselves.It has extreme power to reduce stress and removes all kind of fears.People who get bad dreams , this gemstone benefits them.

Black Calcite

This gemstone is beneficial to reduce mental stress.It mend broken hearts.This gemstone is beneficial for people who are jobless ,stressful and has to face sudden changes in life .This helps those , who does not find any hope in life .For them this gem brings a ray of hope. It brings renewal and rejuvenation in life.This gem helps the person face reality, no matter how it is .It helps the person to support truth. 

Grey Calcite

This gem makes the environment cheerful, and peaceful. it helps to remain isolated from the clutter and chaos of life and makes the person strong from day to day life.It helps in reducing the effect of personal issues and temporarily maintain neutral effects.

Classifications Of Chakras

Calcite is powers various cycles of human body. Every colour of calcite is linked to some cycle of human body.

(1) Blue Calcite is related to the fifth cycle of the body, known as pure cycle. This cycle is related to the throat.Scholars believe that it regulates all cycles of the body

(2) Magenta  and Green Calcite is related to the fourth cycle of the body .This controls the activity of the heart.

(3) Red and Brown Calcite is related to the third cycle of the human body , known as Maneepurk cycle, and this gem is used to solve the problems related to this cycle.

(4) Available in pure red colour calcite , is used to control the fourth cycle . Anahat Chakra to control the activities of the heart.

(5) White Calcite , controls the seventh cycle of the human body known as Sahasrara Chakra.

(6) Colorless Calcite , keeps all the cycles balanced.It helps to open all closed cycles.

Who Should Wear Calcite 

Anyone can hold this gem as per their need. When this gem is to be used for medical purposes , then it should be kept in moving hot water for months and should charge its energy by placing it between the rock and crystal. 

Where Is Calcite Found 

Normally it is found in all parts of the country.

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