India will be a super power post 2025?

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Republic of India was born on 15th August 1947, at 00.00 Midnight in the heart of India that is  Delhi. Although we have to consider this as the birth of this country, the Republic of India, but actually India is as old as Trillion years ago when Brahma was Born i.e. the Brahma Kalp. 

If we ignore that old still, almost million years ago this Manvantar i.e the 7th manavantar Began of Vaivaswat Manu who had 10 sons and one daughter. 

If we ignore that also, in 3139 BC, Brihardrath dynasty of Magadh and Yudhishthir dynasty of Hastinapur can be considered as the start of Bharat or India. 

In 3102 BC, the start of Kalyug can also be considered as the start of Bharat or India.

We are now analyzing on the basis of the birth of New India i.e the republic of India. 

As per Indian Horoscope, Rahu the planet of desire, achievement, hardwork is placed in the Taurus Ascendant. Taurus is the zodiac representing bull, the fighter, usually reserved, matter-of-fact, slow to act, resourceful, serene, creative, and self-indulgent. Taurus is one of the most successful signs in finding wealth. Their stubborness will pay off when it comes to them going after their goals. They strive for the goal with patience and hard work. 

The Moon and Mercury placed in the 3rhd house make the country excellent in communication and technology. Exalted Sun in the 4th house will prove the country to maintain its independence ultimately and its aspect on the 10th house with Saturn and Venus proves that the country will march ahead with its creativity skills and hard work. Also the presence of Ketu with Jupiter in the 7th house indicates that India will prove to be a spiritual country and people will have to maintain the spirituality of the country at its best in order to excel. Since the Yogakaraka Saturn is making an excellent yog for the country therefore Saturn’s aspect in the house of profession and Ascendant will make India as the Superpower without any doubt. 

15th August was chosen as the date of Independence for the country by Lord Mountbatten. Nobody showed any reaction to the date except the Indian Astrologers who requested Lord Mounbatten not to declare independence on the day cursed by the stars. So it was decided that India will be declared independent in the midnight of  14 and 15 August which was 15th as per Westerners calendar while it was 14th August as per Indian calendar as in India the date changes after 4 a.m,  

Let us analyze India on the basis of the horoscope generated as per midnight of 14 and 15th August. According to the horoscope, This Independent India was born in the constellation of Saturn(Pushya-1) with the Taurus as the rising ascendant and Moon placed in the Cancer. The vimshottari dasha was Saturn dasaha and Saturn Antardasha continued till 1949. 

1947-1949 – Saturn- Saturn Antardasha(The tough period): During this period, The war of partition and the first kashmir war happened. 

1949-1952-Saturn-Mercury- This was the period of Growth and development of the country.

1953-1956- Saturn Venus – This was also a developing period where Mother India was 

nominated for Oscars.

1960-1963 – Saturn – Rahu Period again showed the problems in India when India had to face war with China on border issues.

Overall in 1965 Saturn Dasha ended,  India had to face a lot of challenges till 1965. 

1965-1982- Mercury Dasha:  This was one of the best periods of India as all developments took place during this period. The country Liberated Bangladesh, Hd Simla Agreement, Also Pokhran-1, the first nuclear test was conducted by India. 

1983-1989 was the period of Ketu during which Operation blue star happened. Anti sikh riots happened, Bhopal gas Tragedy happened. Bofors Scandal and Bhagalpur riots so much happened in Ketu dasha. 

1990 – 2009 This was the period of Venus dasha when India moved ahead of many countries and shaped herself as a Superpower. Indian Liberalization policy allowed foreign investors and allowed India to compete with the world. First BJP Govt was formed, Pokhran-2 Nuclear test was done. Kargil war was another achievement during Venus dasha. New states were created during this period. Chandrayaan was launched in the year 2008. So Venus dasha was the turning point for india. 

2010 – 2015: This was the period of Sun which has brought a great administrator Narendra Modi into power. He brought India into limelight with his Magical Administration. The complete strength of India was displayed to the world as the upcoming Super Power with super Administration of the country. 

2016-2025 This is the powerful period of the Moon. This is the time where maximum changes will happen and also India will be able to communicate to the world about its power and energy and its ambition to surpass the world and become the superpower. Since Water is ruled by the Moon so the water crisis could be one of the highlights at the same time, water connectivity and waterways will be developed during this period by 2025. Even the Indian Navy will become the strongest of all the three wings. 

2025-2032 – In the horoscope of India, Mars is placed in the Ardra Nakshatra which is the Nakshatra of Shiva. And is the ruler of the 12th and 8th house. 

This is the period where India will outpass all the countries and become a superpower. And this is possible because Mars is the lord of trade and commerce. Also In Indian Horoscope Mars is placed in the 2nd house being the lord of the 12th and 8th house. Therefore, India will capture the maximum wealth from foreign and also develop a lot of Joint ventures that will bring India immense wealth and business opportunities. India will also act aggressively on borders and will react aggressively proving the Military power. 

Mars is the 2nd house, makes the country overprotective for the people of the country and tries to generate a lot of wealth. Lot of Natural calamities may happen during this period which could be negative but at the same time India will leave no stone unturned to prove the world as the Superpower.

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